Tardy On Tax Reform

Obama Makes A Late Entry Into The Corporate Tax Debate With A Proposal That Is Short On Details _____________________________________________________________________ “‘Secretary [Timothy] Geithner Will Conduct A Pen And Pad Briefing To Discuss The Release Of The President’s Framework For Business Tax Reform …’” (Neil Munro, “White House To Pitch Business Tax ‘Framework’ To Compete With Romeny’s Reform

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They Said It! Obama White House Says Concern Over Gas Prices Is Just “Media Hysteria”

Obama White House Says Americans’ Concerns Over Increasing Gas Prices Just A Product Of “Media Hysteria” _____________________________________________________________________ Obama White House Says Rising Gas Prices Just “An Annual Affair Bolstered By Media Hysteria.” “The administration officials brushed off the brewing political storm over rising gas prices as an annual affair bolstered by media hysteria. They said the

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Hypocrisy At The Pump

In Response To Skyrocketing Gas Prices, Obama Tries To Take Credit For Policy Actions That He Once Campaigned Against _____________________________________________________________________ With Gas Prices Reaching More Than $3.50 A Gallon, The “Highest They’ve Ever Been This Time Of Year,” The Obama White House Is Forced To Play “Defense” On Gas Prices. “The White House seemed to play

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Just More Words: Burton’s Bailout

  Obama Sold Out Principles For $59,000 _____________________________________________________________________ Candidate Obama: “We Will Not Take A Dime From Washington Lobbyists Or Special Interest PACs – We’re Going To Change How Washington Works. They Will Not Fund My Party …” (Sunlen Miller, “Obama Commends DNC For Cutting Lobbyist Contributions,”ABC News‘ “Political Radar” Blog, 6/5/08) PRO-OBAMA PRIORITIES USA WAS ONLY

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