2024 Convention Alternates

At-Large / Congressional DistrictPlace NumberAlternate Name
State at Large 1Jim Robertson
State at Large 2Heather Moore
State at Large 3Lauren Cowart
State at Large 4Ben Harrison
State at Large 5Glenda S. Jackson
State at Large 6Jonathan O. Barbee
State at Large 7Robin Foy
State at Large 8Terry D. Martin
State at Large 9Mark Gidley 
State at Large 10Matthew R McMullin 
State at Large 11Michael J. Brooks
State at Large 12Joe Freeman
State at Large 13Greg Fanin
State at Large 14Cindy Myrex
State at Large 15Sondra E. Epperson
State at Large 16Laura Barlow Heath
State at Large 17David Bowsher
State at Large 18Joanne Sellers Barbee
State at Large 19Frank Hayes
State at Large 20Caleb Conner
State at Large 21Darlene Hutchinson Biehl
State at Large 22Terri Hasdorff
State at Large 23Dee Lynn Voelkel
State at Large 24Charles Knight
State at Large 25Deborah Hunter
State at Large 26Arif Shad
Congressional District 11John L Lake
Congressional District 12George Williams
Congressional District 13Mike Wilson
Congressional District 21Marie Marshall
Congressional District 22Rebekah Cornelison
Congressional District 23Caroleene Dobson
Congressional District 31Elizabeth Ham
Congressional District 32Debra Beatty
Congressional District 33Rachel Wallace
Congressional District 4 1Carson M. Butler 
Congressional District 42Jeffery Hyche
Congressional District 43Bradley L “Brad” Williams
Congressional District 51Annelie Vogt von Heselholt
Congressional District 52Tiffany Noel
Congressional District 53Shannon Moore
Congressional District 61Joe Domnanovich
Congressional District 62Tereasa G. Rima
Congressional District 63Lisa Pate
Congressional District 71Hal Pate
Congressional District 72Cindy Merrill
Congressional District 73Louise Boyd

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