2024 Qualified Candidates

OfficeCircuit/District/PlaceCandidate Name
President of the United States
Donald J. Trump
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 1Barry Moore
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 2Caroleene Dobson
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 3Mike Rogers
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 4Robert B. Aderholt
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 5Dale Strong
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 6Gary Palmer
United States House of RepresentativesCongressional District 7Robin Litaker
Alabama Supreme CourtChief JusticeSarah Stewart
Alabama Supreme CourtPlace 1Chris McCool
Alabama Supreme CourtPlace 2Tommy Bryan
Alabama Supreme CourtPlace 3Will Sellers
Alabama Supreme CourtPlace 4Jay Mitchell
Alabama Court of Civil AppealsPlace 1Christy Edwards
Alabama Court of Civil AppealsPlace 2Chad Hanson
Alabama Court of Civil AppealsPlace 3Terry A. Moore
Alabama Court of Criminal AppealsPlace 1Richard Minor
Alabama Court of Criminal AppealsPlace 2Rich Anderson
Alabama Court of Criminal AppealsPlace 3Bill Cole
Alabama Public Service Commission President
Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh
Alabama Board of EducationPlace 1Jackie Zeigler
Alabama Board of EducationPlace 3Kelly Mooney
Alabama Board of EducationPlace 5David w. Perry
Alabama Board of EducationPlace 7Allen Long
Circuit ClerkAutaugaDebra Hill
Circuit ClerkBaldwinBrenda Q. Ganey
Circuit ClerkBarbourMary Johnson
Circuit ClerkBibbKayla Tucker Cooner
Circuit ClerkBlountCindy C. Massey
Circuit ClerkButlerMattie Gomillion
Circuit ClerkCalhounKim McCarson
Circuit ClerkChambersLisa M. Burdette
Circuit ClerkCherokeeDwayne Amos
Circuit ClerkChiltonNick Burnett
Circuit ClerkChoctawCandace D. Jenkins
Circuit ClerkClarkeSummer Scruggs Padgett
Circuit ClerkClayJULIE G. POE
Circuit ClerkCleburneWarren Sarrell
Circuit ClerkCoffeeAmy L. Reeves
Circuit ClerkColbertMark Eady
Circuit ClerkConecuhJohnny Brock
Circuit ClerkCoosaJamey Johnson
Circuit ClerkCovingtonAmy W. Jones
Circuit Clerk Crenshaw Jeannie Gibson
Circuit ClerkCullmanLisa Parker McSwain
Circuit ClerkDaleDelores Woodham
Circuit ClerkDeKalbTodd Greeson
Circuit ClerkElmoreMichael Dozier
Circuit ClerkEscambiaJohn R. Fountain
Circuit ClerkEtowahCassandra “Sam” Johnson
Circuit ClerkFayetteSamantha W. Howard
Circuit ClerkFranklinDerrick C. Scott
Circuit ClerkHenryKim Roland
Circuit ClerkHoustonCarla H. Woodall
Circuit ClerkJacksonBart Buchanan
Circuit ClerkJefferson – Bessemer DivisionCamilo Fuller
Circuit ClerkLamarMary Ann Jones
Circuit ClerkLauderdaleMissy Homan
Circuit ClerkLawrenceSandra Parker Ligon
Circuit ClerkLeeMary B. Roberson
Circuit ClerkLimestoneKelly M. Davis
Circuit ClerkMadisonDebra Kizer
Circuit ClerkMarionDenise Ledbetter Mixon
Circuit ClerkMarshallAngie Johnson
Circuit ClerkMobileAshleigh Long
Circuit ClerkMonroeJade Colquett
Circuit ClerkMorganChris Priest
Circuit ClerkPickensKeith “Booty” Cox
Circuit ClerkPikeJamie Neeley Scarbrough
Circuit ClerkRandolphChris May
Circuit ClerkShelbyMary H. Harris
Circuit ClerkSt. ClairKathryn “Kathy” Burke
Circuit ClerkTalladegaBRIAN YORK
Circuit ClerkTallapoosaPatrick C. Craddock
Circuit ClerkTuscaloosaMagaria Hamner Bobo
Circuit ClerkWalkerSusan “Suzie” Odom
Circuit ClerkWashingtonValerie Knapp
Circuit ClerkWinstonJ.D. Snoddy
Circuit JudgeCircuit 2Cleve Poole
Circuit JudgeCircuit 5, Place 2Isaac Whorton
Circuit JudgeCircuit 5, Place 3Steve Perryman
Circuit JudgeCircuit 6, Place 2James H. (Jim) Roberts, Jr.
Circuit JudgeCircuit 6, Place 3Elizabeth Colwick Hamner
Circuit JudgeCircuit 6, Place 5Al May
Circuit JudgeCircuit 7, Place 1Dustin Merritt
Circuit JudgeCircuit 7, Place 2Timothy C. Burgess
Circuit JudgeCircuit 8, Place 1Jennifer Millwee Howell
Circuit JudgeCircuit 8, Place 2Charles B. Elliott
Circuit JudgeCircuit 8, Place 3Stephen Fate Brown
Circuit JudgeCircuit 9, Place 1Shaunathan Bell
Circuit JudgeCircuit 9, Place 2Andrew Hairston
Circuit JudgeCircuit 10, Place 13Douglas M. Roy, Jr.
Circuit JudgeCircuit 11, Place 4Carole Coil Medley
Circuit JudgeCircuit 12, Place 1Henry (Sonny) Reagan
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 1Wes Pipes
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 2Ben Brooks
Circuit Judge Circuit 13, Place 3Michael Windom
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 4Jay York
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 5WALTER HONEYCUTT
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 6Brandy B. Hambright
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 8Edmond G. Naman
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 9Michael Sherman
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 10Michael A. Youngpeter
Circuit JudgeCircuit 13, Place 11Vicki Davis
Circuit JudgeCircuit 14, Place 2Doug Farris
Circuit JudgeCircuit 14, Place 3Gregory M. Williams
Circuit JudgeCircuit 16, Place 1George C. Day
Circuit JudgeCircuit 16, Place 2Brynn Crain
Circuit JudgeCircuit 16, Place 3Sonny J. Steen
Circuit JudgeCircuit 16, Place 4Cody D. Robinson
Circuit JudgeCircuit 18, Place 2Patrick E. Kennedy
Circuit JudgeCircuit 19, Place 1Patrick D. Pinkston
Circuit JudgeCircuit 19, Place 4Dee Dee Calhoon
Circuit JudgeCircuit 20, Place 1John John Steensland
Circuit JudgeCircuit 20, Place 2J. Kevin Moulton
Circuit JudgeCircuit 21, Place 1Jeff White
Circuit JudgeCircuit 22, Place 1Charles A. (Lex) Short
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 1Karen K. Hall
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 3Ruth Ann Hall
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 5Donna S. Pate
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 6Chris Comer
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 8Patrick M. Tuten
Circuit JudgeCircuit 23, Place 9Don Rizzardi
Circuit JudgeCircuit 25, Place 2Talmage Lee Carter
Circuit JudgeCircuit 27, Place 2John “Jay” M. Mastin
Circuit JudgeCircuit 27, Place 3Matt Elliott
Circuit JudgeCircuit 28, Place 1Joseph Norton
Circuit JudgeCircuit 28, Place 2Jody W. Bishop
Circuit JudgeCircuit 28, Place 3J. Clark Stankoski
Circuit JudgeCircuit 28, Place 6Karol J. Kemp
Circuit JudgeCircuit 29, Place 1Chad E. Woodruff
Circuit JudgeCircuit 29, Place 2Will Hollingsworth
Circuit JudgeCircuit 30, Place 2James E. Hill, III
Circuit JudgeCircuit 31, Place 1Mitch Hays
Circuit JudgeCircuit 31, Place 2Kyle W. Brown
Circuit JudgeCircuit 32, Place 1Gregory A. Nicholas
Circuit JudgeCircuit 32, Place 2Emily Niezer Johnston
Circuit JudgeCircuit 33, Place 1Bill Filmore
Circuit JudgeCircuit 34Brian Hamilton
Circuit JudgeCircuit 40, Place 1David F. Law
Circuit JudgeCircuit 41, Place 1Greg Reid
District JudgeAutauga CountyJessica Sanders
District JudgeBaldwin County, Place 2Bill Scully
District JudgeBaldwin County, Place 3Michael J. Hoyt
District JudgeBibb CountyCraig Cargile
District JudgeBlount CountySherry C. Burns
District JudgeCalhoun County, Place 1TOM WRIGHT
District JudgeCalhoun County, Place 2Randy J. Moeller
District JudgeChambers County, Place 1Terrence A. Brown
District JudgeClarke CountyJames H. (J.R.) Morgan, Jr.
District JudgeClay CountyMegan Miller Yates
District JudgeCullman County, Place 2Wells R. “Rusty” Turner, III
District JudgeDeKalb County, Place 2Jeff McCurdy
District JudgeEtowah County, Place 2Matt Skelton
District JudgeFayette CountyMerrell Nolen
District JudgeFranklin CountyJamie Sumerel
District JudgeHenry CountySpencer W. Danzey
District JudgeHouston County, Place 2Benjamin H. Lewis
District JudgeJefferson County, Place 11Jill Ganus Marriott
District JudgeLee County, Place 2Samantha Burt Copelan
District JudgeMadison County, Place 3Linda Coats
District JudgeMarion CountyMark Hammitte
District JudgeMarshall County, Place 1Mitch Floyd
District JudgeMobile County, Place 4Spiro Cheriogotis
District JudgeMobile County, Place 6Johana Bucci
District JudgeMorgan County, Place 2Shelly Slate Waters
District JudgePike CountySteven C. Curtis
District JudgeRandolph CountyAmy M. Newsome
District JudgeShelby County, Place 2Casey Duncan
District JudgeSt. Clair County, Place 1Brandi Williams Hufford
District JudgeWalker County, Place 2Allison M. Jones
District JudgeWinston CountyMichael “Mike” Newell

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