The Steering Committee is the main governing body of the Alabama Republican Committee. The 21 member committee meets once each quarter and helps define the direction of the Party while preserving and promoting the values of the Republican Party.

The Committee is comprised of the state chairman, the two RNC members, senior vice chairman, three vice-chairs, secretary, treasurer and representatives from each of the seven congressional districts.

Four Republican auxiliary groups also have representation and are comprised of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, Alabama GOP Minority, Young Republican Federation of Alabama and the College Republican Federation of Alabama.

The congressional district representatives and auxiliary members are elected by their respective districts or organizations. All other officers are elected by the full State Executive Committee.

John Wahl, Chairman
Email: john@algop.org

John Skipper, Senior Vice Chairman

Sallie Bryant, Treasurer

Carol Jahns, Secretary

Joan Reynolds, Finance Chairman

Greg Cook, Legal Counsel

Vicki Drummond, National Committeewoman

Paul Reynolds, National Committeeman

Bill Harris, Vice Chair, Districts 1,2

Pat Wilson, Vice Chair, Districts 3,6,7

Josh Dodd, Vice Chair, Districts 4,5

Matt Simpson, District 1 Chair

William Rayborn, District 2 Chair

Lance Bell, District 3 Chair

Bonnie Sachs, District 4 Chair

Elbert Peters, District 5 Chair

Renee Powers, District 6 Chair

Pierce Boyd, District 7 Chair

Britney Garner, President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women

Phillip Brown, Chairman of the Alabama Minority GOP

Dalton Dismukes, Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Alabama

Clint Reid, Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Alabama

Alabama Republican Party