Just More Words: Burton’s Bailout


Obama Sold Out Principles For $59,000


Candidate Obama: “We Will Not Take A Dime From Washington Lobbyists Or Special Interest PACs – We’re Going To Change How Washington Works. They Will Not Fund My Party …” (Sunlen Miller, “Obama Commends DNC For Cutting Lobbyist Contributions,”ABC News‘ “Political Radar” Blog, 6/5/08)


Obama’s Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, Only Raised $59,000 In January. “The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action raised a mere $59,000 in January, an early sign of trouble for Democrats trying to compete against well-funded conservative groups.” (Robin Bravender and Kenneth P. Vogel, “Pro-Obama Super PAC Raises $59K,” Politico, 2/20/12)

  • “Most Of The Group’s January Haul Came From John W. Rogers, CEO Of Ariel Capital In Chicago, Who Cut A $50,000 Check To The Group On Jan. 17.” (Robin Bravender and Kenneth P. Vogel, “Pro-Obama Super PAC Raises $59K,” Politico, 2/20/12)

Priorities USA Action Is “Well-Behind” Their Goal Of Raising $100 Million For Obama . “The total contributions to Priorities USA Action are, however, far less than those being raised by the Super PACs for the Republican candidates and appear to put the group well behind its initial goal of raising $100 million on behalf of the president’s re-election.” (Bill Dedman And Michael Iskikoff, “Spielberg, Labor Union Are Obama Backers; PAC Raises Less Than GOP,”NBC, 1/31/12)

Bill Burton Is “Falling Short” On Efforts To Raise $100 Million For Obama . “Earlier this year, Bill Burton left the White House to help create a pro-Obama fund-raising group with a goal of raising $100 million, aiming to mimic the success of recent Republican efforts. So far, he’s falling short.” (Brody Mullins And Carol E. Lee, “Key Fund-Raiser For Obama Gets Off To A Slow Start,” The Wall Street Journal, 11/16/11)


Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Reversed Its Position On Super PACs, “Encouraging Donors To Send Their Unlimited Contributions” To Pro-Obama Priorities USA PAC.“President Obama’s re-election campaign made an about-face late Monday in its opposition to super PACs, encouraging donors to send their unlimited contributions to one such group founded by a former administration spokesman. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina emailed supporters to formally endorse contributions to Priorities USA, the Democratic super PAC founded by Bill Burton, a former White House deputy press secretary.” (Michael O’Brien, “Obama Campaign Reverses Stance, Urging Donations To Super PAC, NBC News’ “First Read”, 2/7/12)

Obama’s Decision Marks A “Stark Reversal” From A President Who Has Been Among The “Most Vocal Critics” Of Super PACs To One Who Is Embracing Them. “The decision represents a stark reversal for Obama, who has been among the most vocal critics of these outside political spending groups since the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling that paved the way for the rise of super PACs.” (Michael O’Brien, “Obama Campaign Reverses Stance, Urging Donations To Super PAC, NBC News’ “First Read”, 2/7/12)

Politifact: Obama’s Embrace Of Super PACs Is A “Full Flop.” “In this case, Obama and his campaign have gone from refusing to fundraise for super PACs to declaring that senior officials will attend and speak at Priorities USA fundraising events. We respect that the president himself won’t participate, and that he still plans to fight the role of special interest money in campaigns, but that’s a major reversal of position, and we rate it a Full Flop.” (“Obama Campaign Says Officials Will Now Appear At Super PAC Fundraisers,” Tampa Bay Times’ “Politifact,” 2/6/12)

Obama’s Priorities USA Accepts Lobbyist Contributions

ABC News : “Obama To Benefit From ‘Special Interests’ Via Super PAC.” (Devin Dwyer, “Obama To Benefit From ‘Special Interests’ Via Super PAC,”ABC News, 2/7/12)

Obama’s Shift On Super PACs “Opens The Door To Donations by Lobbyists To Support His Re-Election.” “President Obama’s decision to back unlimited donations to a Democratic outside group reverses his opposition to super PACs and opens the door to donations by lobbyists to support his re-election. Obama has made refusing money from federal lobbyists a bedrock principle of his political campaigns.”(Fredreka Schouten, “Obama Urges Donations to Super PAC Backing Him,” USA Today, 2/7/12)

  • Team Obama Says They Cannot Control Whether The Pro-Obama PAC Accepts Lobbyist Contributions, Even As It Sends White House Officials And Cabinet Members To Fundraising Events. “Officials with Obama’s campaign said they can’t control whether the PAC accepts future lobbyist contributions, even as White House officials and Cabinet members plan to appear at Priorities USA Action fundraising events.” (Fredreka Schouten, “Obama Urges Donations to Super PAC Backing Him,” USA Today, 2/7/12)
  • Obama Is “Relying On A Super PAC That Can Accept Money From Anyone,” Including Lobbyists And Special Interests. “In that campaign, he at least forswore money from independent groups and lobbyists. Now he is relying on a super PAC that can accept money from anyone.” (Editorial, “Another Campaign For Sale,” The New York Times, 2/7/12)

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