They Said It! Obama White House Says Concern Over Gas Prices Is Just “Media Hysteria”

Obama White House Says Americans’ Concerns Over Increasing Gas Prices Just A Product Of “Media Hysteria”


Obama White House Says Rising Gas Prices Just “An Annual Affair Bolstered By Media Hysteria.” “The administration officials brushed off the brewing political storm over rising gas prices as an annual affair bolstered by media hysteria. They said the White House anticipated the current spike in gas prices, which they attribute to increased demand around the world, particularly from China.” (Carol E. Lee, “Obama To Talk About Gasoline Prices On Thursday,” The Wall Street Journal ‘s Washington Wire , 2/21/12)

NOTE: Today’s Average Price For A Gallon Of Regular Gasoline Is $3.579. (AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, 2/22/12)

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