Qualified Candidates


Click here to see qualified delegate candidates for Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente to the Republican National Convention.

Click here to see qualified delegate candidates for Donald J. Trump to the Republican National Convention.

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President of the United States:

Donald J. Trump
Bill Weld

United States Senate:

Stanley Adair
Bradley Byrne
Arnold Mooney
Roy Moore
Ruth Page Nelson
Jeff Sessions
Tommy Tuberville

United States House of Representatives:

First Congressional District:

Jerry Carl
John Castorani
Bill Hightower
Wes Lambert
Chris Pringle

Second Congressional District:

Thomas W. Brown, Jr.
Jeff Coleman
Terri Hasdorff
Troy King
Barry Moore
Bob Rogers
Jessica Taylor

Third Congressional District:

Mike Rogers

Fourth Congressional District:

Robert Aderholt

Fifth Congressional District:

Mo Brooks
Chris Lewis

Sixth Congressional District:

Gary Palmer

Seventh Congressional District:


Alabama Supreme Court:

Place 1:

Greg Shaw
Cam Ward

Place 2:

Brad Mendheim

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals:

Place 1:

William C. “Bill” Thompson

Place 2:

Phillip Bahakel
Matt Fridy

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals:

Place 1:

Melvin Hasting
Mary Windom

Place 2:

Jill Ganus
Beth Kellum
Will Smith

Public Service Commission President:

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh
Robin Litaker

State Board of Education:

Place 1:

Jackie Zeigler

Place 3:

Stephanie Bell

Place 5:

Lesa Keith

Place 7:

Belinda Palmer McRae

Circuit Court Judge:

Circuit 6, Place 4:

Daniel F. Pruet

Circuit 7, Place 4:

Peggy P. Miller Lacher

Circuit 10, Place 2:

Circuit 10, Place 3:


Circuit 10, Place 10:


Circuit 13, Place 7:

Jill P. Phillips

Circuit 14, Place 1:

Joeletta Martin Barrentine
Christopher A. Sherer

Circuit 15, Place 4:


Circuit 15, Place 7:


Circuit 15, Place 9:


Circuit 20, Place 5:

Todd Derrick

Circuit 23, Place 2:

Alison Austin

Circuit 23, Place 4:

Claude Hundley

Circuit 26, Place 2:


Circuit 25, Place 1:

Daryl Burt

Circuit 28, Place 5:

Carmen Bosch

Circuit 38, Place 2:

Brent Benson
Daryl Eustace
Patricia Cobb Stewart

District Court Judge:

Baldwin County, Place 1:

Michelle M. Thomason

Butler County:

Tim O. Craig
Nicki Myrick McFerrin

Cherokee County:

Wes Mobley

Cleburne County:

Melody Walker

Coffee County:

Josh Wilson

Dale County, Place 1:

Stan Garner, Jr.

DeKalb County:


Elmore County, Place 1:

Patrick D. Pinkston

Elmore County, Place 2:

Glenn Goggans

Escambia County:

Eric Coale

Greene County:


Jackson County:

Don Word

Jefferson County, Place 1:


Jefferson County, Place 2:


Jefferson County, Place 7:

Bentley Patrick

Lamar County:

Jacob S. West

Macon County:


Madison County, Place 1:

Patrick M. Tuten

Madison County, Place 4:

Don Rizzardi

Marshall County, Place 2:

Zach Ross

Mobile County, Place 2:

George Michael Zoghby

Mobile County, Place 3:

Edward C. Blount, Jr.
Zack Moore

Montgomery County, Place 1:


Morgan County, Place 1:

Brent Craig

Morgan County, Place 3:

Emily Baggett
Patrick Caver
Takisha Guster Gholston
Kevin R. Kusta

Pickens County:

Lance Bailey

Shelby County, Place 2:

Daniel A. Crowson, Jr.
Alan Miller

St. Clair County, Place 2:

Robert L. Minor

Sumter County:


Talladega County, Place 2:

M. Ryan Rumsey

Tallapoosa County:

Clayton Kim Taylor

Walker County, Place 1:

Henry Allred
Samuel “Sam” Bentley

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