2017 ALGOP Fall Newsletter

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Chairman’s Blog and Newsletter – Summer 2016

Hot in Cleveland! It’s been a long seven plus years with Barack Obama in the White House. America is worn out from his liberal policies, invasive executive orders and his belief that America has a lot of apologizing to do to the world. The Republican Party has been through a grueling process as we have

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Protecting Our House

Have you ever seen the movie the “The Blind Side”? Recently, while watching it again, I realized I missed a very important moment in the opening lines. Michael Oher was a young African American high school boy virtually homeless living on his own in Memphis, Tennessee. He eventually found himself in the home of Sean

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Judging a Book by Its Cover

It sat on the corner of my desk and they all knew where it was and it’s power…the teacher’s demerit book. It was the dreaded scorekeeper of a student’s lack of progress, behavior problems or not complying with the rules. Picking up the “D book” (really a 99 cents composition book from the Dollar Store)

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Chairman’s Blog: Prickly Paths

Who knew there were so many types of cactus in the world? I didn’t, but I found that out in Phoenix, Arizona when I had a few minutes to explore the grounds of the hotel that was host to the May 2015 Republican National Committee Spring Meeting. I spotted a “Cactus Garden” which peaked my

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