They Said It! Woodward Says Democrats Are In A “Civil War” Over Fiscal Cliff

Bob Woodward Says The Democrats Are In A “Civil War,” Obama Is The Key Player & Needs To Show “Coherent Leadership” On The Fiscal Cliff


Woodward Says Dems In Civil War


Today, Bob Woodward Stated That “There’s A Civil War In The Democratic Party” Over The Fiscal Cliff. 
BOB WOODWARD: “There’s a civil war in the Democratic party. You had Nancy Pelosi on saying, ‘oh, we’re not going to change the eligibility age for Medicare,’ and down at the White House they very much want to do that.” (CBS’s ” This Morning,” 12/12/12)

Woodward Says Obama Key Player


Woodward Said That “The Key Player Is Obama” And That He Needs To Show “Coherent Leadership” In Order To Not Take Us Over The Cliff. 
CBS’s CHARLIE ROSE: “All right. I agree. When you watch all those negotiators and all the business people that are going to the White House and making their points clear. There’s also this need on the part of this administration to regroup for a new four years. Where is that and who are the key players that may be switching?” BOBWOODWARD: “Well, the key player is Obama. And this is — I keep saying we’re in the Obama era. We’re not in the John Boehner era. We’re not in whoever’s going to be Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. And he’s got to set the table in a way that not only works but communicates to the world there is a coherent leadership here that can get things done, and how it exactly gets done, I don’t think makes that much difference. It’s just got to be done. And if we run off the cliff, I mean I hate this term, but the repercussions — you start some — it spins out of control.” (CBS’s “This Morning,” 12/12/12)

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December 12, 2012

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