Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker (WI) – ALGOP Summer Dinner Keynote Speaker

I am excited to announce today that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be the special guest speaker at our 2013 Summer Dinner on August 23rd at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery. Governor Walker has gotten the attention of the nation as a result of the conservative policies that he has instituted in the normally liberal

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What They’re Saying About Last Night’s Republican Win

Victory “Boosts Republican Hopes In The Badger State Heading Into The November Presidential” _________________________________________________________________ “RED FLAGS ALL OVER FOR OBAMA IN WISCONSIN” Politico: “Obama Big Loser In Wisconsin Showdown” (Donovan Slack, “Obama Big Loser In Wisconsin Showdown,” Politico, 6/6/12) Politico: “This Was A Crippling Blow To A Party In Wisconsin That Not Long Ago Controlled Both U.S. Senate

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Alabama Republican Party