Gov. Scott Walker (WI) – ALGOP Summer Dinner Keynote Speaker

Walker Pic 3I am excited to announce today that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be the special guest speaker at our 2013 Summer Dinner on August 23rd at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery. Governor Walker has gotten the attention of the nation as a result of the conservative policies that he has instituted in the normally liberal Democrat state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin now has its share of high-ranking Republicans including U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (former 2012 GOP Vice Presidential candidate), U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Walker. But, there is no bigger name in Wisconsin, and maybe across the nation, than Scott Walker.

Elected Governor in 2010, Gov. Walker was a pro-life candidate overcoming all odds on the road to victory. The State of Wisconsin has been known in the past for its ultra liberal politicians like former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (whom Sen. Johnson defeated) but Governor Walker and the other conservative Republicans have put Wisconsin on the map.

Governor Walker was loved by the conservatives but hated by the liberals in Wisconsin. The liberal Democrats were so upset with the conservative reforms that Walker was implementing in Wisconsin that they tried to force him from office with a re-call election during his first year as Governor. The Democrats came after Walker with all they had to remove him from office but Governor Walker stood his ground, campaigned hard and won the recall election by a larger margin than in 2010.

You see, Governor Walker wasn’t recalled because he was a bad Governor, he was recalled because the powerful unions didn’t like the reforms that Walker brought to Wisconsin that weakened the power and influence of the unions but helped the people of Wisconsin. Governor Walker fought the unions, and he won. And, the people of Wisconsin won!

But Governor Walker’s claim to conservative fame doesn’t stop there. Governor Walker has supported laws requiring photo identification to vote, as well as rejecting federal funds to set up the healthcare exchange in Wisconsin that would serve to support Obamacare. Governor Walker has also continued to stand for social conservative principles as a strong pro-life and pro-traditional marriage governor.

Governor Walker is in great demand as people across the country begin thinking about who they would like as the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016. We are so very fortunate to be able to secure Governor Walker for our Summer Dinner.
Walker & BA copyI have had the opportunity to meet with Governor Walker on several occasions and I can tell you he is “the real thing”. I had a very special occasion to have dinner with Governor Walker and his lovely wife, Tonette, about a year ago and I can testify that they are strong conservative Christians with “Alabama Values” and not ashamed of it.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see one of the likely 2016 Presidential candidates up close. Sponsorships and individual tickets for the Summer Dinner can now be purchased on-line or by contacting ALGOP headquarters.

Here is some GOOD NEWS for those who want to attend the Summer Dinner. For the first time ever, ALGOP is offering a great discount on tickets to the Summer Dinner for members of the Capitol Club. Join the Capitol Club. today and purchase two tickets at half price ($75).

These discounted tickets are being offered to new and existing Capitol Club members to say “THANKS” for being loyal to the Alabama Republican Party. Not only will you receive all of the benefits offered to existing Capitol Club members, but as a Capitol Club member you will be an integral part of our success in electing Republicans in 2014.

 I want to encourage you to purchase your tickets now for the 2013 ALGOP Summer Dinner to be held in Montgomery Renaissance Hotel on August 23rd. Reception is at 6 PM and Dinner at 7 PM. And, if you are not a member of the Capitol Club please give us a call at 205-212-5900 and we can explain all of the additional benefits that you will receive in addition to being able to purchase two tickets to the Summer Dinner at one-half ($75) the regular price. I assure you that you will love Governor Scott Walker.


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