Lt. Governor Ivey Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Obama Care

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (June 28, 2012) – The Supreme Court’s ruling today, upholding major portions of Obamacare, perpetuates the illusion that taxpayers can and should provide healthcare for every citizen, in spite of the fact that the country is broke! If our elected leadership in Washington does not overturn this law, it will bring America down. Like the former great powers of Europe and other nations in human history, America will spend and tax itself into weakness and, God forbid, collapse. The President’s trillion dollar takeover of the American healthcare system is wrong for the federal budget, is in opposition of our constitutional principles and wrong for Alabama. I support efforts to improve our healthcare system by restoring state flexibility, promoting free markets and competition while empowering consumer choice. Even though the individual mandate was upheld, the Court struck down the mandate requiring states to expand Medicaid coverage which will prevent Alabama spending hundreds of millions of dollars beginning in 2019.

This continues to be a state and national emergency with major tax implications. Citizens, we must be vigilant, active and passionate about our deep concern over this unfunded, non-sustainable mandate from those in Washington who would tax us into oblivion. We must begin the process to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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