Judicial Branch Qualified Candidates (Circuit Judge, District Judge, D.A.)

Circuit Judge
Circuit 1Place 1
J. Perry Newton
Place 2
C. Robert Montgomery
Circuit 2Place 2
Circuit 3
Circuit 4Place 2
Place 3
Circuit 5Place 1
Kevin M. Hall
Circuit 6Place 1
Brad Almond
Place 6
Dennis Steverson, Sr.
Circuit 7Place 3
Jennifer Weems
Place 5
Shannon C. Page
Circuit 9Place 3
Jeremy Taylor
Circuit 10Place 4
Place 11
Place 12
Place 14
Place 17
Place 19
Place 20
Place 21
Place 22
Place 23
Place 24
Place 25
Place 26
Circuit 11Place 1
Benjamin Graves
Place 2
Will Powell
Place 3
Gil Self
Circuit 12Place 2
Shannon R. Clark
Place 3
Jeff W. Kelley
Circuit 13Place 3
Michael Windom

Place 7
Jill P. Phillips
Place 11
James Patterson
Circuit 15Place 1
Place 2
Place 3
Place 5
Place 8
Circuit 18Place 1
Donna Beaulieu
Jonathan A. Spann
Place 3
Bill Bostick
Place 4
Lara McCauley Alvis
Circuit 19Place 2
Joy Pace Booth
Place 3
Amanda Baxley
Circuit 20Place 3
Henry D. (“Butch”) Binford
Place 4
Seth Brooks
Chris Richardson
Circuit 21Place 2
Jeffrey Todd Stearns
Circuit 22Place 2
Benjamin M. Bowden
Circuit 23Place 7
Alan Mann
Circuit 24Sam Junkin
Circuit 25Place 1
Circuit 26Place 1
Circuit 27Place 1
Christopher F. Abel
Circuit 28Place 4
Scott P. Taylor
Circuit 30Place 1
Bill Weathington, Jr.
Circuit 33Place 2
Kimberly A. Clark
Circuit 36Mark Braxton Craig
Callie Waldrep
Circuit 37Place 1
Jeff Tickal
Place 2
Chris Hughes
Place 3
Mike Fellows
Circuit 39Place 1
Chad Wise
Place 2
Matthew R. Huggins
District Judge
CalhounPlace 3
Beth Rogers
ChiltonChris Speaks
ChoctawJoe Thompson
ColbertMary Baschab-Haslacker
Chad Smith
CoosaCarlton L. Teel
CovingtonJulie S. Moody
CrenshawThomas E. Sport
CullmanPlace 1
Chad Floyd
DalePlace 2
Stuart K. Smith
EtowahPlace 1
Joe F. Nabors, Jr.
GenevaStephen G. Smith
HoustonPlace 1
Lori Collier Ingram
JeffersonPlace 4
Place 5
Place 10
LauderdaleCarole Coil Medley
LawrenceAngela Dawson Terry
LeePlace 1
Steve Speakman
LimestonePlace 1
Gray West
Place 2
Britley Leonard Brown
David T. Puckett
MadisonPlace 2
Patty Demos
MobilePlace 1
Chris Callaghan
Jennifer Wright
Place 2
George Michael Zoghby
Place 5
Linda Collins Jensen
RussellPlace 1
Richard LaDonne Cross, Jr.
Place 2
ShelbyPlace 1
Phillip Bahakel
Erin Bell Welborn
TalladegaPlace 1
Jeb S. Fannin
TuscaloosaPlace 1
Joanne M. Jannik
Place 2
Jim Gentry
WashingtonAlex Odom
District Attorney
Circuit 1Stephen K. Winters
Circuit 2Arlene M. Richardson
Circuit 3
Circuit 4
Circuit 5Mike Segrest
Circuit 6Hays Webb
Circuit 7Brian McVeigh
Circuit 8Scott Anderson
Circuit 9Summer McWhorter Summerford
Circuit 10 – Birmingham Division
Circuit 10 – Bessemer DivisionBill Veitch
Circuit 11Chris Connolly
Circuit 12Tom Anderson
Circuit 13Keith Blackwood
Circuit 14Bill Adair
Circuit 15
Circuit 16Joseph “Jody” Willoughby
Circuit 17
Circuit 18Matt Casey
Circuit 19CJ Robinson
Circuit 20Russ Goodman
Circuit 21Steve Billy
Circuit 22Walt Merrell
Circuit 23Robert L. Broussard
Circuit 24Andrew “Andy” Hamlin
Circuit 25Scott A. Slatton
Circuit 26
Circuit 27Jennifer Bray
Circuit 28Robert “Bob” Wilters
Circuit 29Steve Giddens
Circuit 30Lyle Harmon
Circuit 31Hal Hughston
Circuit 32Champ Crocker
Circuit 33Kirke Adams
Circuit 34Jeffrey Wade Barksdale
Circuit 35
Circuit 36Errek Jett
Circuit 37Jessica L. Ventiere
Circuit 38Jason Pierce
Circuit 39Brian C.T. Jones
Circuit 40Joe Ficquette
Circuit 41Pamela L. Casey

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