ICYMI: “No More Red State, Blue State”

Excerpts from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

By: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and Ashley Bell, a former Public Official from Hall County, GA

Mr. Bell was instrumental in organizing the Growth and Opportunity Project listening session in Atlanta.

February 7, 2013


“After the 2012 election, Republicans knew we had to get to work growing our party. The election exposed trends showing we must reach more voters. So the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched the Growth and Opportunity Project in December to get input from across the country. What could the party do better? How could we better communicate our message where it’s not being heard?

“On Thursday, the Growth and Opportunity Project came to Atlanta. We gathered with local African American leaders and political activists to solicit answers to those questions and more. The feedback we received–along with information gathered from similar meetings and thousands of individuals–will help guide the Republican Party as we work to be more welcoming and more inclusive.

“…We must build relationships in communities where we haven’t been. That’s why we must stop talking about “reaching out” and start working on “welcoming in.”

“This is not just about winning elections. It’s about doing what’s right for America. Republicans know our principles, when applied through smart policy, can do the most good for the most Americans…

“Republicans believe the economy should be grown by the innovation of enterprising Americans–not kept afloat by the meddling of big government. In education, we believe parents and teachers should mold a child’s future–not union bosses and government workers. Families, not government, should decide what healthcare and energy is best for them…

“…As Republicans, we’re especially mindful of African Americans’ significant impact on the G.O.P. since the party’s very beginning. And as we begin the work of writing the party’s next chapter, we look forward to building a stronger future together.”

Read the full op-ed here: http://bit.ly/WRb7ub


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