“Hope and Change”

Republican National Committee Airs TV Ad “Hope and Change”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee is airing the television ad “Hope and Change” highlighting the failed promises of Barack Obama. Four years ago Candidate Obama disillusioned millions of Americans by campaigning on a message of ‘Hope and Change.’ It is clear that today his promises were empty and his policies have not left the country better off.

TV ad can be viewed here.

Download the TV ad here.

“Four years ago Americans entrusted that President Obama would truly bring ‘Hope and Change’ to Washington,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “It is clear that he has failed to live up to his promises and has left our country with a mountain of debt and a healthcare bill that has cost the taxpayers trillions. Instead of helping to create jobs, Barack Obama has raised taxes and added trillions to the national debt. This November, Americans have a clear choice as to who will put this country back on track. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are America’s Comeback Team and they will do just that.”



“Hope and Change” Ad Script


ANNOUNCER: “What if it had been your name they were chanting?”


ANNOUNCER: “What if America had given you the power?

Would you have spent trillions overhauling health care while millions were without work?

Would you have tried creating jobs by creating debt?

Would you have raised taxes and broken your promises?

Now, you do have the power… To make a change.”

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