ALGOP Chairman Blasts Biden Administration IRS Reporting Requirements, Calls for Tuberville Privacy Act to be Passed

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued the following statement blasting the Biden Administration’s planned IRS reporting requirements, and backing U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville’s ‘Protecting Financial Privacy Act’ which was blocked by Senate Democrats today. 

“The Biden Administration continues its out of control and un-American policies with their proposed IRS reporting requirements. The thought that the Federal Government wants to force financial institutions to report every person’s transactions over $600 is disturbing. 

“I am proud to have Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville leading the charge against this big government overreach. The IRS has no business snooping around in your bank account without a warrant or court order. American citizens have a fundamental and constitutional right, ‘to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches.’ Let’s be honest, this is an unreasonable search. 

“The Biden Administration and the IRS need to read the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and be reminded that they swore an oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ it. 

“The Alabama Republican Party unapologetically stands for the rights and freedoms of every Alabama citizen, and fully supports the ‘Protecting Financial Privacy Act’ sponsored by U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville.”


Alabama Republican Party