Alabama Republican Party Picks Up 43 Seats Across the State

Alabama is a bright spot for Republicans in a midterm election that recorded mixed results for the Republican Party across the nation. After a preliminary analysis of election night data, the Alabama Republican Party is proud to have picked up 43 seats across the state since the previous election cycle. The Yellowhammer State will now have a record number of Republicans representing the people of Alabama in elected positions. 

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 7 Sheriffs
  • 6 District Attorneys
  • 3 Circuit Court Judges
  • 4 District Court Judges
  • 1 Alabama House Seat
  • 5 County Commissioners
  • 1 School Superintendent
  • 11 County Board of Education Members
  • 5 Coroners 

Many of these pickups were in areas targeted by the ALGOP’s new Minority Outreach and Restore America campaigns, and show a significant shift in rural and minority areas of Alabama. County School Board and Sheriff races saw the most pickups, and that coincides with the Republican Party’s push for better education, school choice, and safer communities.

These GOP victories were accompanied by wins in every statewide office, and continued super majorities in both the State House and Senate.

Statement from Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl:

“We are excited to continue to grow the Republican Party here in Alabama. The policies of the national Democrat Party have lost touch with the people of Alabama, and I think we saw that in Tuesday’s election results.

“Many of these seats are in rural and minority areas of the state that were once Democrat Party strongholds. I am proud of the hard work being done by our Outreach Coalition, the Alabama Minority GOP, and our county party organizations in these communities. The Republican Party’s message is simple, we want government to serve the people again, and we want every person to be safe and successful. 

“In the next two years, we will continue work with our candidates to spread the message that the Alabama Republican Party is open to everyone, and that we will continue to fight for every citizen’s rights and freedoms.”


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