Alabama Republican Party Endorses RNC Growth and Opportunity Project Report


Birmingham, AL – Today Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party along with Alabama Republican National Committeewoman Vicki Drummond and Committeeman Paul Reynolds, announced their support for the Republican National Committee’s Growth and Opportunity Report that outlines a new path and new solutions for a Republican Party that’s more inclusive and successful.  Following the release of the RNC’s report, the three Republican National Committee Members from Alabama released the following statement:

“Today marks a new and exciting day for the Republican Party.  The Growth and Opportunity Project Report charts a new path for the GOP that all Alabamians can get behind as we grow and build our party for the future.  After months of painstaking review both nationally and locally, We are confident that this new pathway for the GOP is the right direction for our party as we expand our tent to elect more Republicans to improve the lives of all Americans and Alabamians.  The Alabama Republican Party is committed to a pro-growth strategy not only for Alabamians but for growing our organization and we look forward to working together with the RNC to build a party for all Americans.”

Click here to view a copy of the Growth and Opportunity Report:

Chairman Armistead continued by saying, “I am proud of the announcements today coming from the RNC.  As Chairman Priebus acknowledged this morning, we as Republicans have several challenges facing us at the national level.  Luckily these issues are all elements that can be corrected without sacrificing our time honored principles and convictions.

“The Growth and Opportunity Project Report emphasizes our need for diversity in the Party.  Here in Alabama, we have already launched an aggressive outreach to those who share our conservative views and philosophy regardless of race, gender, age or previous political affiliation. I am proud to say that we have been very successful in identifying conservative African Americans, Hispanics and disgruntled Democrats, who agree with the principles of the Republican Party, to become politically active with ALGOP.  And, conservative Democrat office holders continue to switch to the Republican Party here in Alabama because they can no longer be a part of a radical left-leaning Democrat Party.

“Technology is also another area that the RNC will focus its efforts on in the immediate future.  We realized in the 2012 election cycle, here in Alabama, that we needed to take our technology to a higher level. That is why the party also invested resources into conducting focus groups and multiple voter surveys to ensure our message connected with voters from the Courthouse to the White House in Alabama.  The party invested in technology that allowed us to better track communications with voters, collect data and utilize that information to get out our vote.  This helped us to elect a record 300+ Republicans to office in Alabama last year.  And, today we are acquiring new software that will aid us in identifying potential Republican voters and donors.

“The RNC is in a different position than the ALGOP, but we have the same objective: to improve the lives of Alabamians and Americans through conservative governance.  The path laid out by the RNC today, one that resembles ALGOPs recent accomplishments, is a step in the right direction and I encourage all conservatives to rally behind the Republican Party in the future,” concluded Armistead.



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