Alabama House and Senate Qualified Candidates

Alabama Senate
District 1Tim Melson
District 2Tom Butler
District 3Arthur Orr
District 4Garlan Gudger
District 5Greg J Reed
District 6Larry Stutts
District 7Sam Givhan
District 8Steve Livingston
District 9Clay Scofield
District 10Andrew Jones
District 11Lance Bell
District 12Wendy Ghee Draper
Keith Kelley
District 13Randy Price
District 14April Weaver
District 15Dan Roberts
District 16J. T. Jabo Waggoner
District 17Shay Shelnutt
District 18
District 19
District 20
District 21Gerald Allen
District 22Greg Albritton
District 23Michael Nimmer
District 24
District 25Will Barfoot
District 26
District 27Jay Hovey
District 28
District 29Donnie Chesteen
District 30Clyde Chambliss, Jr.
District 31Josh Carnley
District 32Chris Elliott
District 33Pete Riehm
District 34Jack Williams
District 35David Sessions
Alabama House of Representatives
District 1Phillip Pettus
District 2Jason Spencer Black
Ben Harrison
District 3Kerry “Bubba” Underwood
District 4Patrick Johnson
Parker Duncan Moore
District 5Danny F Crawford
District 6Andy Whitt
District 7Ernie Yarbrough
District 8Terri Collins
District 9Scott Stadthagen
District 10David Cole
District 11Randall Shedd
District 12Corey Harbison
District 13Matt Woods
District 14Tom Fredricks
Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth
District 15Leigh Hulsey
District 16Kyle South
District 17Tracy Estes
District 18Jamie Kiel
District 19
District 20James Lomax
Frances Taylor
District 21Rex Reynolds
District 22Ritchie Whorton
District 23Mike Kirkland
District 24Nathaniel Ledbetter
District 25Phillip K. Rigsby
District 26Brock Colvin
District 27Wes Kitchens
District 28Mack N Butler
District 29Mark A. Gidley
District 30Craig Lipscomb
District 31Troy B. Stubbs
District 32Evan B. Jackson
District 33Ben Robbins
District 34David Standridge
District 35Steve Hurst
District 36Randy Wood
District 37Bob Fincher
District 38Debbie Hamby Wood
District 39Ginny Shaver
District 40Julie Borrelli
Chad Robertson
District 41Corley Ellis
District 42Van Smith
District 43Arnold Mooney
District 44Danny Garrett
District 45Susan DuBose
District 46David L Faulkner
District 47Mike Shaw
District 48Jim Carns
District 49Russell Bedsole
District 50Jim Hill
District 51Allen Treadaway
District 52
District 53
District 54
District 55
District 56
District 57Delor Baumann
District 58
District 59
District 60
District 61Ron Bolton
District 62Bill Lamb
District 63Cynthia Lee Almond
District 64Donna Givens
District 65Brett Easterbrook
District 66Alan Baker
District 67
District 68Fred Kelley
District 69Karla Knight Maddox
District 70
District 71
District 72
District 73Kenneth Paschal
District 74Charlotte Meadows
District 75Reed Ingram
District 76
District 77
District 78
District 79Joe Lovvorn
District 80Chris E. Blackshear
District 81Ed Oliver
District 82Lennora “Tia” Pierrot
District 83
District 84
District 85Rick Rehm
District 86Paul W. Lee
District 87Jeff Sorrells
District 88Jerry Starnes
District 89Marcus B. Paramore
District 90Chris Sells
District 91Rhett Marques
District 92Matthew Hammett
District 93Steve Clouse
District 94Jennifer Fidler
District 95Frances Holk-Jones
District 96Matt Simpson
District 97
District 98
District 99
District 100Pete Kupfer
Mark Shirey
District 101Chris Pringle
District 102Shane Stringer
District 103
District 104Margie Wilcox
District 105Chip Brown

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