Stupid Democrat Tricks

LettermanOn Wednesday, the television world said goodbye to David Letterman as he hosted his last show. One of Mr. Letterman’s famous and most entertaining segments was called ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’. If you’ve never seen one of the spots, here’s a link to the very first one.

From every walk of life, people came to Letterman’s show to put their pets’ talents on display. It drew the viewer into watching things you didn’t think could happen and then we would think “How do they do that?” Then he caught our attention with ‘Stupid Human Tricks’.

So in honor of Mr. Letterman’s final week I have put together my list of “Stupid Democrat Tricks”. It’s a long (and very incomplete) list because, well, this stuff is stupid:

-Booing the Chair at the 2012 Democrat National Convention for trying to add “God” back into their platform after it had been removed in Committee

In case you missed that one, click here.

-Passing a bill before you read a bill (Pelosi on ObamaCare)

-Exclaiming America to “be a nation of cowards” (Eric Holder)

-Claiming “men do often need maternity care” (Secretary of HHS Siebelus)

-Pretending to be broke when they left the White House (The Clintons)

-Making time to visit with superstars JayZ and Beyoncé but not with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (Obama)

-Believing that only Indians work in 7/11’s or Dunkin’ Donuts (Biden)

-Bragging about visiting all 57 states (Obama)

-Proclaiming that we shouldn’t fear terrorists because they are “mothers and fathers” (Rosie O’Donnell)

-Claiming you invented the Internet (Al Gore)

-Saying there are no terrorist threats to America (Michael Moore)

-Asking a man in a wheelchair to stand up (Joe Biden)

-Wishing you were a socialist nation (Congresswoman Maxine Waters)

-Asking Americans to be limited to one paper square of toilet tissue per bathroom visit (Sheryl Crow)

-Laughing that God was on the Democrat’s side when Hurricane Gustav delayed the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL (Former DNC Chair Donald Fowler)

-Asking America after the Benghazi tragedy, “what difference now does it really make?” on finding out the reason it began (Hillary Clinton)

-Proclaiming that children should belong to the community and not the parents (MSNBC ‘s Melissa Harris-Perry)

-Lying to the American people with his “If you like your [health care] plan, you can keep your plan” nonsense (Obama)

-Defending an abortion of a seven pound baby (DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

-Proclaiming “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country” after her husband won the presidency (Michelle Obama)

-Acting like the “smartest woman in the world” doesn’t know how to add an email account on her cell phone and had no one to do it for her (Hillary Clinton)

-Defining what “is” is (Bill Clinton)

A trick is defined as a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone. Instead of good sound policy for our nation, Democrats, with cover from the media, continue to trick voters. It’s not funny or amusing. It’s simply dangerous.

The economy is stagnant. Nations around the world have lost respect for us. Obama’s executive orders are bypassing our Constitution causing challenges in courts. The IRS is obstructing justice in the hearings on targeting conservative groups. Our immigration policy is a disaster.

Letterman’s ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ or ‘Stupid Human Tricks’ were funny. The Democrats Stupid Tricks are not funny. They are tragic.

It’s time we stop the Democrats in 2016 by using our votes to outwit their pattern of tricks – from every courthouse to the White House.



It was an honor to join National Committeewoman Vicki Drummond and National Committeeman Paul Reynolds in Phoenix, Arizona at the 2015 RNC Spring Meeting. The focus was very simple – Stop Hillary! You can sign up at and join the team.

It was a lot of information in three days but our focus is very clear.

In Washington, DC I visited the RNC. What a large and busy place! The digital and political departments were scurrying around nonstop. It was very educational to see them in action. A press conference was being held and Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) was next door as well, so the press was everywhere. Exciting times and more to come.

It was a pleasure to have had breakfast with Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Bradley Byrne, Congresswoman Martha Roby and Congressman Gary Palmer, along with several Chiefs of Staff. Afterwards, I was able to spend time with Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Sessions, as well as Congressman Robert Aderholt.

They may be in DC but they are focused on Alabama. What a great team!

Alabama peanuts in an Alabama basket are treats in Senator Shelby’s office for visitors. Senator Shelby is still traveling our state to visit every county which he has for over 25 years. Road warrior!

What’s on Senator Sessions’ table in his office? Books on Alabama churches, the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the Constitution – a perfect combination.



Plan to join former Governor Jeb Bush on our new series “Calling Alabama” on Wednesday, May 27 at 7:30 pm CST. We look forward to a half hour of conversation with Governor Bush as he speaks directly to Alabama Republicans. RSVP and submit questions to be asked during the call by clicking here. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about another possible presidential candidate. We will forward those who RSVP the dial-in number the day before the event.


Click here to check out the calendar of upcoming County Party meetings.
Tuesday, May 26 – Tuscaloosa Young Republicans Host U.S. Senator Richard Shelby
Tickets still available to hear Senator Shelby speak with the Tuscaloosa YRs at the Hotel Capstone. Click here to find out more.
Wednesday, May 27 – Pensacola State College Patriotic Program featuring Dr. Gaylon McCollough
Dr. Gaylon McCollough (ALGOP Vice Chair of Districts 1&2) will be presenting a presentation on the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Delaino Student Center on the Pensacola State College campus. The program is free to the public. For more information, contact Sheila Nichols at 850-484-1428.

Wednesday, May 27 – Calling Alabama featuring Jeb Bush
Join us for our second call in this exciting series. RSVP and submit questions by clicking here.

Thursday, May 28 – “Coffee and Conversation” featuring Congressman Trey Gowdy
U.S. Representative Martha Roby will host a casual event at the Millbrook Civic Center with special guest Trey Gowdy. Find out more information here.

Friday, June 5 – A Celebration of Patriotism featuring Col. Allen West
The Baldwin County Republican Party is hosting their summer dinner at the Daphne Civic Center. Tickets and sponsorships are still available. Click here to find out more.

(NOTE: This new series will allow us to recognize and celebrate our Alabama Republican friends’ accomplishments and victories. Please send your suggestions, shout outs and congratulation mentions to – Pictures are welcomed.)

– Congratulations to our newest Rising Republican Stars: Jackie Gay (District 1), Brandon Shoupe (District 2), Ed Isom (District 3), Kyle South (District 4), Marcia Hastings St. Louis (District 5), Shaun McCutcheon (District 6) and Joel Blankenship (District 7). Read more about each of them here.

– Congratulations to Jackie Curtiss on being named the newest Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Alabama. She is the first female Chairman in over 30 years.

– Congratulations to the entire slate of new YRFA Officers! The YRFA Convention was held this past weekend in Birmingham. Learn more and send your congratulations by clicking here.

– Congratulations to Will Motlow on being appointed by Governor Bentley to serve as the Probate Judge of Lauderdale County.

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