Recount in Senate District 6 Re-Confirms Stutts Defeated Bedford

Dr. Larry Stutts has been re-confirmed as the official winner in his race against Sen. Roger Bedford for State Senate District 6 after the completion of a recount of votes earlier today. The final recount of votes cast on November 4 confirmed 17,643 votes for Dr. Stutts and 17,574 votes for Sen. Bedford. With a 69 vote margin of victory, Dr. Stutts is confirmed the winner of this hard-fought race, and will represent the people of northwest Alabama’s Sixth Senate District.

The recount was triggered by Alabama state law, which requires an automatic recount if a margin of victory is less than one-half of one percent in a general election. Election officials in Colbert, Franklin, Marion, Lauderdale and Lawrence Counties met today to re-run ballots through the voting machines and confirm vote totals.

The initial tabulation of votes cast on November 4 showed Dr. Stutts defeated Sen. Bedford 17,605 to 17,545; for a margin of victory for Dr. Stutts of 60 votes. After provisional ballots were counted on November 12, Dr. Stutts had 17,641 votes and Sen. Bedford had 17,574, giving Dr. Stutts a 67 vote margin. The State Canvassing Board, which includes the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General, met on November 25th and officially certified Dr. Stutts as the winner in Senate District 6. After being certified by the State Canvassing Board as the winner, Dr. Stutts was sworn in as State Senator at the Colbert County Courthouse.

ALGOP Chairman Bill Armistead issued the following statement regarding the final outcome of Senate District 6: 

“The votes in Senate District 6 have confirmed Dr. Larry Stutts has won this election. This has been one of this year’s most watched Alabama elections, as Dr. Stutts challenged longtime Democratic Senator and State Senate Minority Leader Roger Bedford. For the first time in over 140 years, northwest Alabama will be represented by a Republican.

“I commend Sen. Bedford for his long service to the people of northwest Alabama. He has no doubt benefited the many communities in Senate District 6 through his ability to secure grants and other means of financial support to improve the lives of the people in this area.

“The political landscape has changed in Alabama over the last several years. Republicans now hold every statewide office and a supermajority in the Alabama House and Senate. Senator Larry Stutts will work closely with his colleagues in the House and Senate, Governor Bentley and all state agencies to ensure the people of northwest Alabama and Senate District 6 receive the assistance they need to become an economic powerhouse.

“From the first time I met Dr. Stutts, I knew he had a deep passion for serving the people of Senate District 6. I saw in him the conservative, Republican philosophy that would benefit all of the people in his district. I have worked with many people in the public arena over the years, and I have found no one who I believe to be more dedicated to doing the right thing for the right reasons than Senator Stutts. I congratulate Senator Stutts, his wife Jackie and the entire Stutts family, and the many, many friends who remained dedicated to ensuring this day became a reality.”

Senator Larry Stutts made the following statement after the recount:

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Senate District 6. I have been confident in the integrity of the process and the elected officials who oversaw the election results. Fair and honest elections are a major part of the foundation of our country, and to see that verified locally is a testimony to the people and the officials of this district.

“I will not lose any time going to work for the people in northwest Alabama. I will be in Montgomery tomorrow to meet with the governor and with officials at the Department of Commerce to address the main issue facing our area – jobs. I appreciate the hard work done by Senator Bedford on behalf of the people of our area for many years.”



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