Monroe County Commissioner Switches to Republican Party

Monroe County Commissioner Henry “Lum” Childs recently requested to change his party affiliation from Democrat to the Republican Party. Mr. Childs has served as Monroe County Commissioner, District 1, since 2008.

Commissioner Childs spoke with the Republican county party officials and shared, “Things have changed so much in the Democrat Party in the last few years and I felt that it was time for me to make a change.”

The Monroe County Republican Party voted unanimously in favor of accepting Mr. Childs as a Republican. Commissioner Childs is currently preparing to qualify as a Republican for the 2020 election.

Chairman Cornelison stated, “We are excited to have Commissioner Childs join with us in growing the Republican Party in Monroe County and look forward to working with him.”

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan said, “We welcome Commissioner Childs to the Republican Party. The continuing far left trend of the Democrat Party has many people, like Commissioner Childs, questioning their political affiliation. The Alabama Republican Party will continue to hold fast to its core principals of limited government, lower taxes, standing up for the unborn and protecting our Constitution. We welcome all who feel the same to join us. Commissioner Childs will be an asset to our team.”


Alabama Republican Party