Governor Bentley Names Jim Bennett to Fill Remainder of Secretary of State Term

Birmingham, AL -Governor Robert Bentley today named former Secretary of State Jim Bennett to fill the remainder of Secretary Beth Chapman’s term. Chapman announced last week that she would resign on August 1. Bennett will servethe remaining 17 months of her term.

ALGOP Chairman Bill Armistead said, “Governor Bentley made an outstanding choice by naming Jim Bennett to serve the remainder of Beth Chapman’s term as Secretary of State. Jim Bennett is exactly what this office needs at this time. His prior service as a State Senator and Secretary of State will put the Secretary of State’s office in good hands. Alabamians will be well served by the Governor’s wise choice in filling this vacancy”.

Secretary Bennett previously served ten years in the State Senate, as well as ten years as Alabama Secretary of State from 1993-2003.

“I would like to again thank Secretary Chapman for her dedication to the State of Alabama during her tenure as Secretary of State. She poured her heart and soul into serving Alabama and implementing programs that supported our troops’ right to vote and protect the integrity of our elections”, said Armistead.

“Next fall Alabamians will head to the polls to elect the next Secretary of State for Alabama. We currently have three very qualified Republican candidates running for this office and I am certain that Alabama will have another Secretary of State who will work for the best interests of all Alabamians,” Armistead continued.



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