Butler County Commissioner Joey Peavy Joins the GOP

Butler County Commissioner Joey Peavy announced today he has joined the Republican Party. “It was time,” said Peavy. “The Democrat party of today is not the party I joined; the present thinking in today’s Democrat Party is just not my way of thinking. I can’t buy in to the far-left agenda of the leaders of the Democrat party – partial-birth and late-term abortions, strict gun control, heavy taxes and bigger government.”

The Butler County Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously to accept Peavy into the party. “We are excited to welcome Commissioner Peavy into the Grand Old Party,” said Butler County GOP Chairman Cleve Poole. “We believe that the Republican Party philosophy represents what most folks in Butler County believe – and it’s certainly what Joey Peavy believes. We look forward to Joey being on the Republican ticket and anticipate other incumbents following Joey’s lead.”

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan commented, “We are thrilled Commissioner Peavy has joined the Alabama Republican Party. He is among the large number of Democrats who have walked away from the Democrat Party’s liberal policies. We welcome all who share our values and are proud that 65% of all partisan elected officials in Alabama are Republicans.”

For more information, see Butler County Alabama GOP on Facebook.

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