ALGOP Welcomes Fayette County Coroner to the Republican Party

Fayette County Coroner TK “Timothy” Kimbrell switched from the Democrat to the Republican Party at the county GOP’s monthly meeting in Fayette.

“Today the issues are right and wrong,” Mr. Kimbrell told the county executive committee. “I am glad to be part of the Fayette County GOP.”

The county committee voted unanimously to accept the party switch.
β€œTim Kimbrell is a fine coroner and a true American. Our County GOP committee warmly received TK Kimbrell,” said Fayette County GOP Chairman John Killian.

President Trump received 84% of the vote in Fayette County in the 2020 election. 81% of county officials in Fayette County are members of the Republican Party.

“We excited to welcome Mr. Kimbrell to the Alabama Republican Party. 70 percent of all partisan elected offices in Alabama are now in the Republican column, and the reason is simple. The Democrat’s radical agenda is completely out-of-step with Alabama values. We welcome anyone who supports the fundamental principles outlined in our Party platform,” said ALGOP Chairman John Wahl.


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