ALGOP Summer Dinner Speaker Announced


Due to higher than anticipated demand, these General Admission tickets are for dinner in the overflow room of the event. The guest speaker and all activities from the stage in the main ballroom will be broadcast via video link for you to watch. If seats become available in the main ballroom we may be able to move people from the overflow room.

Keynote Speaker:

Chris Carr

Political Director for President Trump’s Re-election Campaign

President Donald Trump tapped Chris Carr to be his political director for the 2020 Re-Election campaign where Mr. Carr will be helping the president in all political areas and organizing the 50 state ground games with the RNC. Mr. Carr played an instrumental and critical role in the president’s historic 2016 election victory as RNC Political Director. Mr. Carr spent 2012 as a RNC Regional Political Director managing and working with campaign staff and party leaders in the western region of the country. Mr. Carr will share the incredible process that it takes to run the national presidential campaign and the successes of President Trump that will catapult him to a 2020 victory.


Alabama Republican Party