ALGOP Response to Joe Biden’s Title IX Decision

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued the following statement blasting Joe Biden over changes to Title IX, which strip away protections for women:

“The Alabama Republican Party vehemently opposes the Biden Administration’s decision to extend Title IX protections created for women to biological men. Title IX was originally established to ensure equal opportunities for women in education and athletics, yet the Biden Administration’s code change disregards biological realities and undermines the very essence of Title IX. Allowing biological men access to spaces designated for women, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and other school facilities, poses significant privacy and safety concerns for women and girls. 

“This decision displays a blatant disrespect for women and their fundamental rights. Democrats claim to be the party of women, but this move continues their trend of disrespect towards womanhood as they push a radical social agenda that disregards the laws of nature and common sense. It has become clear that the Biden administration and the Democrat Party care more about appeasing the transgender movement than they do about protecting women’s rights. 

“The Alabama Republican Party believes it is imperative that we uphold the integrity of Title IX and protect the rights and safety of women and girls in our schools and universities. We remain committed to safeguarding female sports and keeping men out of girl’s bathrooms. These values are rooted in common sense, and we refuse to stand idly by and watch the Democrat Party devalue women’s rights. 

“The Alabama Republican Party calls on the Biden Administration to reverse this terrible decision, and uphold the principles of fairness, privacy, and safety for all students. The women of Alabama and our nation deserve better.”


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