ALGOP Outreach Coalition Visits with Conecuh County GOP

The Alabama Republican Party’s Outreach Coalition will be traveling to Conecuh County this week to meet with the Republican Executive Committee.

“We’re honored to have members of the ALGOP Outreach Coalition to be our guest on February 7, 2023, and to share their outreach efforts. We will use this as an opportunity for them to provide an action plan to get conservatives out to vote Republican. We want to show conservatives that they have a home in the Republican Party in Conecuh County. Additionally, we are asking the Coalition to help us build a rapport with our conservative minorities and to help find conservative minorities with a passion for public service to run for our local positions in the 2024 election, ” said Terrie Ryan, Chairman of the Conecuh County Republican Executive Committee.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Masonic Lodge

110 Edwina St., Evergreen, AL 36401

About the ALGOP Outreach Coalition:

The ALGOP Outreach Coalition is a diverse network of conservative voters working under the umbrella of the Alabama Republican Party and in concert with the four Republican auxiliary groups: the Alabama Minority GOP, the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, the Young Republican Federation of Alabama, and the College Republican Federation of Alabama.

Its mission is to help find, recruit, and encourage conservatives to get involved with the Alabama Republican Party and other Republican Party activities.

The ALGOP Minority Coalition members are committed to bringing the principles of faith, individual freedom, healthy families, safe communities, and school choice to all people groups in our state. Their goal is to forge partnerships within communities across Alabama and proclaim that the ALGOP is open to people of all backgrounds, while also working to recruit and help a diverse group of candidates win in general elections.

About the Speakers:

Director of ALGOP Outreach Coalition – Representative Kenneth Paschal:

  • 21-year retired military veteran, Rep. Paschal was elected to represent District 73 in the Alabama House of Representatives in a July 2021 special election. He is the first black Republican elected to the Alabama Legislature in almost 140 years, and the first to serve in the state legislature since W. P. Williams of Madison County served a two-year term from 1882 to 1884.
  • Rep. Paschal’s message is simple: “The voters of House District 73 have offered strong evidence that Dr. King’s dream is alive in Shelby County Alabama. The voters of District 73 didn’t vote for me because of the color of my skin. They cast their votes because they saw a God-fearing man with integrity, who protects and defends the Constitution, who served his country and is proud to salute the flag, recite our pledge, and sing the national anthem in a voice that is loud and firm, and even sometimes off key. I hope to be an example to all Alabamians that the Republican Party is open to everyone who shares a belief in freedom, self-reliance, fiscal responsibility, and opportunity for all.” 
  • Last month Rep. Paschal was appointed by the Speaker of the House Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Russellville) to serve as vice chair of the House Military & Veterans Affairs Committee during the current quadrennium and will also hold seats on the House Education Policy and House Constitution, Campaigns & Elections committees.

ALGOP Outreach Coalition Co- Director – Councilwoman Belinda Thomas:

  • A proud member of the Republican Party, Councilwoman Thomas was the first African American to be elected to the Newton city council. She is a member of the Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee, the Dale County Republican Executive Committee, and has traveled assist campaigns in other states as a part of the Mighty Alabama Strike Force. A new and beginning minority farmer, she is the founder of Joyful F.A.R.M.S – a non-profit that helps females, minority, veterans, and socially disadvantaged people become farmers. Councilwoman Thomas is also the co-founder of Alabamboo, Inc. 

ALGOP Outreach Coalition Regional Director, Central Alabama – Cedric Coley

  • An active member of the Alabama Republican Party since 2015, Mr. Coley spreads a message of Constitutional Christian Conservatism by participating in community service projects, educational forums, campaign organizing to help elect Conservative Christians statewide, and the current Central Alabama Regional Director of the ALGOP Outreach Coalition. Mr. Colet is a founding partner and small business owner of Alabamboo, Inc. He is also a new and beginning farmer and board member of the nonprofit Joyful F.A.R.M.S. He serves as the Member-At-Large of the Montgomery County GOP and on the Alabama Republican State Executive Committee.


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