ALGOP Joins RNC Effort to Withdraw from Presidential Debate Commission

The Alabama Republican Party fully supports today’s decision by the Republican National Committee to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates. 

“The RNC has done its due diligence in reaching out to the Commission, in hopes of resolving glaring issues with the entire presidential debate process. Our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The Republican Party is not going to be part of open bias against our nominee. Today’s vote was our only recourse,” said ALGOP Chairman John Wahl.

“While the Commission contends it is non-partisan, the last two election cycles proved that is hardly the case. From selecting debate moderators with obvious agendas, to scheduling debates after people had already gone to the polls in states with early voting, the most recent debates were not fair. Americans deserve fair and honest debates just like they deserve fair and honest elections. It is important for us to fight back against the liberal biases of the mainstream media,” he continued.

The Commission had been charged with overseeing presidential and vice presidential general election debates since 1987.

ALGOP National Committeewoman Vicki Drummond and ALGOP National Committeeman Paul Reynolds joined Chairman Wahl in supporting the measure at the RNC General Session in Memphis. 


Alabama Republican Party