ALGOP Chairman Wahl Issues Statement on Democrat COVID Passport Proposal

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl released the following statement responding to the Biden Administration’s proposal to require so-called COVID vaccine passports to travel, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s implementation of a vaccine passport requirement in New York State: 

“What the Biden Administration is proposing is quite possibly the biggest federal overreach in my lifetime. The idea of forcing someone to take a vaccine before they can travel or engage in other activities is tyrannical and unacceptable for any free society. Getting a vaccine is a medical decision that each individual should be allowed to make without interference from the government.

“It’s one thing to step up vaccine distribution efforts in order to make sure everyone has access to vaccines, or to require a negative COVID test for certain activities. However, what’s being proposed would mandate everyone receive a vaccine – even someone who already has natural immunity from contracting the virus. Forcing a person who has already had COVID 19 to take a vaccine would expose them to the risk of allergic reaction for no significant health benefit for that individual or the general population. 

“Additionally, a federal vaccine passport would require American citizens to turn over their medical records for monitoring by the federal government – a frightening infringement on our fundamental right to privacy. This idea is unacceptable and un-American no matter how you look at it. The Republican Party of Alabama will stand against this federal overreach, and we have confidence that our Republican congressional delegation will oppose this fundamentally flawed proposal.”


Alabama Republican Party