ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Statement on the Passage of the Pro-Life Abortion Ban

Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement following the passing of Alabama’s Pro-Life Abortion Ban legislation:
“The legislation passed by the Alabama House of Representatives and State Senate, and now signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey, is a positive step forward in protecting the lives of the unborn, millions of which have been ended since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision in 1973.
“Our legislators have worked tirelessly on this measure in hopes it will be a ‘test case’ that will ultimately lead to SCOTUS reviewing the Roe decision, one which even the lead plaintiff now wants overturned.
“Alabama is a pro-life state. Whenever the issue of ending abortion is put before the voters, it receives overwhelming support. Just this past November when Amendment Two was on the ballot, Alabama spoke up strongly and voted to affirm the sanctity of life.
“The Alabama Republican Party thanks our Legislators and Governor for hearing the will of the people and acting upon it.
“Our nation is a republic. Alabama is standing up for ourselves; as our state motto says ‘We Dare Defend Our Rights’. Our state is willing to have this fight in the Supreme Court of the United States for the 60-plus million aborted Americans, including Alabama babies.”
Terry Lathan
Chairman, Alabama Republican Party
Alabama Republican Party