ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Statement on Sen. Doug Jones endorsing Joe Biden for President

Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following Senator Doug Jones endorsing Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Twitter:
“Senator Jones and Vice President Biden are ‘two of a kind’. Both support bigger government, ObamaCare and abortion – all issues the majority of Alabamians oppose.
“The endorsement is really no surprise coming on the heels of the Senator’s interview yesterday with the liberal Mother Jones podcast.
“Senator Jones clearly sidesteps the sexual harassment allegations against the former Vice President saying people should ‘not be so judgemental’. This coming from the man who refused to vote for Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice because of unproven allegations against him.
“As long as the Democrats embrace their liberal propaganda and platform, Alabama will continue to reject their candidates. It’s just not Alabama.”
Terry Lathan
Chairman, Alabama Republican Party
Alabama Republican Party