ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Calls on Senator Doug Jones to Take a Stand on Impeachment Inquiry

This morning, Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan hosted a press conference with the Republican National Committee at the start of qualifying for the 2020 Republican Primary, calling on U.S. Senator Doug Jones to side with his Alabama constituents – the majority of who support President Trump – on the question of impeachment. The press conference can be viewed by clicking here. The text of her remarks are below the picture.

“Thank you for all attending today. It’s an exciting time as today the Alabama Republican Party opened candidate and delegate qualifying, which will run through November 8th. Around our state as well, hundreds of candidates are qualifying in our counties. We have set record after record in the number of Republican candidates and wins. As of today, we hold 65% of all partisan offices, hold the majority in every elected official category in the state, are one of the most conservative states in the nation and are consistently rated the number one highest approval rated state for President Trump. In the last 3 years, our Republican Party has flipped 100 former Democrat offices to Republican in our state. Alabama is clearly a conservative common-sense state.

“I would like to introduce some special guests:
·     Shelby County Republican Party Chairman Joan Reynolds
·     Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Butch Zaragoza
·     Monroe County Republican Party Chairman Rebekah Cornelison
·     And our elected officials and candidates qualifying to run for office

“As our party starts our qualifying process today with very strong candidates, we find ourselves back again with the party of Senator Doug Jones trying to overthrow our president in a despicable display reminiscent of a 3rd world political coup – not at all what the founding fathers envisioned for our great nation, as the ballot box is the decision maker.

“It started with Russia, then Mueller and now Democrats have come up with another ‘Get Trump at all cost’ scheme concerning Ukraine. They know they can’t beat President Trump at the ballot box and quite frankly, are seething in desperation. In fact, a Democrat Congressman said, ‘If we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected!’ Let me interpret this: If the House Democrats who know better than all of the ill-informed American people don’t stop him, the deplorables, despicables and dregs of society will do it again! The Democrats refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and are still on a never-ending mission to destroy President Trump.

“The end goal has always been impeachment. They’ve been openly saying this since his election in an electoral college landslide… and why? Because he won and they lost? Because he shattered their dreams and not their ceiling? Their liberal agenda was yanked away by the VOTERS of our nation and their national hissy fit is filling the airwaves as they waste time instead of doing the jobs they were sent to Congress to do. Their behavior and actions are insults to every American who gave the keys to the Oval Office to Donald Trump!

“They are attempting to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem. Our president, in an unprecedented and transparent move, released the transcript that has sent them into hysterics. No reasonable person can read that three-page transcript and interpret in the same way as the Democrats who are trying to use to destroy President Trump. They wake up every day hating him and their loss.

“Most Americans oppose impeachment. Recently, a Monmouth poll found that nearly two thirds of Americans oppose beginning impeachment proceedings.

“The people are fired up and wanting to speak out against this poison pill that is impeachment. They care about their families’ healthcare, the illegal immigration crisis, their paychecks and their families. They clearly see this impeachment charade is another attempt to remove our president. Do we hear the Democrats cheering as American workers’ paychecks continue to rise? NO! Do we see the Democrats celebrating the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years? NO! Do we see the Democrats working on realistic solutions to healthcare issues? NO! Do we see the Democrats trying to secure our boarder and stop the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking into our nation? NO!

“They are now the Party of obstruction in every sense of the word.

“That leads us to Alabama.

“As we enter Alabama’s qualifying period for the U.S. Senate race, we have to ask: Where does Doug Jones stand? Time and again, Senator Jones has sided with the radical Democrats in his party, whether it’s obstructing President Trump’s policies or voting against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. He is a member of the Party that had a floor fight over removing the word ‘God’ from their platform. He embraces the Party that just 2 months ago passed a resolution championing ‘religiously unaffiliated’ voters. He knee jerk reacted to the Brett Kavanaugh debacle and voted NO when the majority of Alabamians wanted him to cast a YES vote. He voted NO on the wall funding. Alabamians wanted a YES vote. He voted NO on ending taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood. Our state wanted a YES vote. Senator Jones’ is not voting for the majority of Alabamians, and they will not forget his deafness to their wishes next year.

“Alabamians love President Trump and they love a fighter! In fact, the Yellowhammer State’s support for the President is tops in the nation again and again, and for good reasons.

“Thanks to President Trump’s agenda, Alabama’s economy is breaking more records. Not only are we home to the largest ‘over-the-year’ unemployment rate drop in the nation, but we just hit our state’s lowest unemployment rate of all-time: 3.1 percent. Where are the cheers from the Democrats and Senator Jones on these remarkable and exciting economic numbers that keep rolling in for Alabama? Not a sound from them…

“This is in addition to the state’s recent announcement of over $1 billion in potential developments thanks to the President’s tax reform legislation, slashing federal regulations and a focus on getting the government out of our business. Thanks to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, an ardent supporter of the president along with our 6 Republican congressional members, Governor Ivey and the Republican state legislature, ‘Making America Great Again’ is not just a slogan – it is the reality to millions of families across our state and nation.

“This is not an accident – it is a message that President Trump’s laser focus on putting America first is working.

“So as the Democrats once again try to see what they desperately and falsely want to see, is Senator Jones with Alabamians… or on another exhausting and wasteful chapter looking to destroying our president? He certainly wasn’t with Justice Kavanaugh. Or will he stay with his group – the Squad, the Mob and his teammates of Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden? These are the folks he embraces along with their left of left platform policies… and in one of the reddest states in the nation, their platform is NOT Alabama.

“I encourage Alabamians to ask Senator Jones for a definitive answer as we all deserve to know where their Senator stands in this impeachment charade. We are all watching and will hold him accountable if he joins his party trying to upend our constitution. Losing an election is not a reason for impeachment – a ballot box is the place to make these decisions, not in a kangaroo court of hysterics and anger.

“And on November 3, 2020, Alabama will make the decision on Senator Jones’ record and how he has ignored the majority of Alabamians – and as you know, elephants never forget – and neither will the voters of our great state.”


Alabama Republican Party