ALGOP Chairman Releases Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement on the 2020 Presidential Election:

“While the national media has called the presidential race for Joe Biden, there are too many voting irregularities that are being investigated – and should be for total election transparency. Evidence in the courts will play a vital role in this very important process. We look forward to confirming that only legal votes were correctly counted – emphasis on legal. Recounts and court proceedings are current and will take place. Trust and confidence in our elections must be a priority.

“One thing is certain – there was no blue wave or a mandate by America for liberal policy. We were told repeatedly by the national media, the liberal left, the political pundits, elites and pollsters that America wanted a new direction in policy. That is clearly not the case as we see the even split of votes in many states. In fact, Republicans gained significant ground in the U.S. House of Representatives and are holding the U. S. Senate. Razor thin votes do not validate a liberal agenda.

“We are proud and deeply humbled by the incredible work President Trump and his administration have accomplished to-date: cutting taxes, regulations and bureaucratic red tape; lowering the unemployment rate to record shattering levels across all categories with the highest salaries and wages; eliminating the Obamacare mandate; seating three Supreme Court Justices and appointing over 200 judges to the federal bench – a record; protecting our nation at home and abroad; just to name a few.

“‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ is more than a slogan. It will be talked about for generations to come as the nation was shown how a non-politician was determined to set a course of more freedom and less government by focusing on all Americans and putting our country first.

“President Trump brought in record breaking new voters – MAGA isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the movement helped secure record GOP wins across the nation and will be very instrumental in 2022.

“We will still stand our ground against liberal policies and fight for our nation’s freedoms. May God bless America and our great state of Alabama.”


Alabama Republican Party