ALGOP Chairman Lathan Statement on the Passing of Rush Limbaugh

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement following the passing of Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh:

“The American conservative movement lost a tremendous ally and champion with the passing of Rush Limbaugh. For over three decades, ‘El Rushbo’ greeted his millions of listeners from coast to coast, standing up for our conservative values and providing news content and commentary without the mainstream media’s left-wing bias. He was truly groundbreaking and loved his listeners – his ‘ditto heads’. From being told he would never make it in the broadcast industry to rising to the be a titan of the airwaves, we share our ‘Mega Dittos’ to his service – not just behind the golden EIB microphone but as a true patriot who simply loved America and the opportunities given. 

“As a loyal listener from his first days on an AM radio, I believe, though his words and actions, Rush would want us to continue sharing and fighting for our nation’s values – this is the greatest thing we could do in his honor – and we shall. His voice may be silent on earth, but his legacy will live for generations. While he focused on the political world, he boldly stated and shared his love for Christ. We lift up our prayers to his wife, Kathryn, and his brother David, through this difficult time.”


Alabama Republican Party