Alabama GOP Statement on Trump Verdict

Statement from Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl concerning the verdict in New York v. Donald J. Trump:

“The Alabama Republican Party fully stands behind Donald Trump. The leftist-inspired court case against him is clearly politically motivated. The facts surrounding this entire situation date back to 2016. These Democrat elected officials had eight years to bring charges but chose to act only when Donald Trump started leading Joe Biden in the polls. The justice system should never be used as a political weapon, and we are deeply disappointed by what we have seen throughout this case.

“It is crucial to recognize that one of the true enemies of democracy is the misuse of the justice system to target political opponents. With the conviction of Donald J. Trump, it is evident that our country is heading in a very dangerous direction. This is not how a republic or a democracy should be run. The conviction of a former president, especially one who is a current candidate for the presidency, sets a troubling precedent.

“Throughout American history, our Republic has been anchored by principles of fairness, impartiality, and the rule of law. These principles are now at risk when legal actions appear motivated by political agendas rather than genuine legal infractions. Targeting a former president through legal means not only undermines the integrity of our judicial system but also threatens the very foundations of our democratic system.

“The people of America should decide who our next president is, not Democrat elected officials or politically motivated prosecutions. This fundamental principle is at the heart of our democratic process. Our nation must remain vigilant in protecting the integrity of our elections and ensuring that the legal system is used to uphold justice, not as a tool for political gain.”


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