Alabama GOP Convention Delegation Meeting Results

The 2016 Alabama GOP Convention delegation met on Saturday, April 9 to vote on the position of delegation chair along with four committee assignments. A man and a woman are selected to serve on each committee. The 2016 GOP Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena, July 18-21, 2016.

The results are listed below:

Alabama Delegation Chairman – Senator Jeff Sessions

Committee on the Platform:

AL Representative Jim Carns (HD-48) and Judy Carns

The Committee on the Platform submits resolutions to the full convention body to be voted on as the official platform. The Republican Platform is a formal declaration of the principles of the Republican Party.

Committee on Credentials:

Chess Bedsole and Catherine Long

The Credentials Committee will receive the credentials of each delegate filed in accordance with the Rules and submit the temporary roll of the convention which will have been previously reviewed by the RNC. The Credentials Committee may hear and resolve appeals to the ruling of any contest adjudicated by the RNC Committee on Contests as to the seating of delegates to the convention.

Committee on Rules and Order of Business:

AL Representative Ed Henry (HD-9) and Laura Payne

The Convention Rules Committee will draft the rules for the 2016 Republican National Convention which must be adopted by a majority vote of the full convention body.

Committee on Permanent Organization:

Perry O. Hooper and Jeana Boggs

The Permanent Organization Committee will meet at the beginning of the convention to review the slate and make its recommendation to the convention.


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