Alabama GOP Chairman Commends Plans to Improve Workforce Development

Republican elected officials have been working on several legislative items to improve workforce development in the State of Alabama. Today, Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl thanked them for their efforts to address this important issue.

Statement from Chairman John Wahl:

“One of the hallmarks of the Republican Party is supporting sound economic policies that help our communities and citizens succeed. It’s no secret that over the last few years, workforce development has become one of the biggest issues facing states across the country. There is a labor shortage, posing a serious challenge for our state’s economy. We simply don’t have enough people working. We’ve seen how blue states try to tackle this problem – California just implemented a $20 minimum wage that is crippling employers, leading to layoffs, and causing the prices of everyday goods to skyrocket. If that isn’t enough, as always, they’re trying to address this issue with more regulations, more government interference, and more bureaucracy that only make the problem worse.

“The answer isn’t bigger government; it is putting policies in place that prioritize people. We need to respect the free market and provide young people with a pathway to a successful career, whether they go to college or not. We need a common-sense, conservative approach to deal with this issue; one that will reduce government waste and inefficiency, create oversight for government officials who have for too long been held unaccountable with our tax dollars, support families through childcare accessibility, create innovation districts that will transform communities both rural and metropolitan, and give the people of Alabama a say in what happens in their government.

“Republican leaders in Alabama have been working on a plan called ‘Working for Alabama’ that addresses many of these important issues. I commend them for seeking a conservative solution to a very real challenge our state is facing, and I appreciate all involved in creating common-sense policy that I hope can serve as an example to other states across the nation.”


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