Chairman Lathan Comments on the Passing of Former Chief Justice Perry Hooper, Sr.

“Chief Justice Hooper was a titan among Republicans. He was considered a patriarch of our Party. When Justice Hooper began his journey in ALGOP, it was an uphill battle but he never blinked. We can thank trailblazers like Chief Justice Hooper for laying the foundation for our success today. We will always remember and be […]

Chairman Lathan Shares Helpful Information on the Alabama Delegates and the RNC Convention Process

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2016 RNC Convention: I am hearing a lot of confusion of “rules”. What does this mean? The GOP presidential nomination is a 50 state contest. All 50 states have their own rules- and always have. There is no new process. The number of delegates are directly correlated by the strength […]

Alabama GOP Convention Delegation Meeting Results

The 2016 Alabama GOP Convention delegation met on Saturday, April 9 to vote on the position of delegation chair along with four committee assignments. A man and a woman are selected to serve on each committee. The 2016 GOP Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena, July 18-21, 2016. The […]