She Nailed It!

As one of only six women who are GOP State Chairs, I find myself saying things that are out of the norm from the ChairMEN of the past. For example, “Where can I get my hair done?”, “Hold on while I switch out my heels to my flats” or “Where is a good nail salon?” […]

Pay Check Priorities, POTUS Has It Backwards

Pay Check Priorities, POTUS Has It Backwards

By Chairwoman Terry Lathan With the dire problems our nation’s economy still faces with at least a 7.5% unemployment rate, it is interesting why President Obama chose to visit Birmingham today to discuss payday loans. Since taking office, Obama has further burdened hardworking Americans with over 150 government regulations. These stifling regulations are eventually converted […]

SCOTUS Announces Ruling on Alabama Redistricting

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a 5-4 decision this morning concerning Alabama’s 2012 legislative redistricting. The ruling sent the case back down to the District Court to be reargued. The ruling did not deem Alabama’s redistricting unconstitutional, nor did the ruling state that Alabama must redraw district lines. Alabama Republican Party Chairwoman […]