Supreme Court Should Defend Traditional Marriage

Birmingham, AL – Statement from Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party regarding gay marriage debate before the Supreme Court of the United States:

“As unimaginable as it might have been just a few years ago, the United States Supreme Court is hearing testimony this week that could determine if men can marry men and women marry women. Call me – and the Republican Party – old fashioned if you want, but I believe that our Creator defined marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman. Not two men or two women. If we are going to redefine marriage I am sure that some will want to have marriage to include multiple men marrying multiple women. If God’s Word is not the final word on marriage then who has the final word?

“What we have is a very small minority of people who have access to lots of money and friends in Hollywood and the liberal media – promoting a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s Word as given to us in the Holy Bible. For years, a very small minority of Americans have pushed the issue of gay marriage so much so that the issue is now common place in popular culture and that is sad testament to where we are as a nation. Never before has such a small minority of the population achieved such political clout to bring about a day when the Supreme Court has to rule on an issue that has been a standard since the beginning of time.

“The issues being debated in front of the Supreme Court places America on a slippery slope. Once the High Court condones this activity or rules that states are prohibited from codifying opposition to gay marriage, what traditional value will be attacked next? Where will it end?

“Regardless of what some individual Republicans are saying, the Republican Party has spoken to this issue at the Republican National Convention last August. The platform that was adopted by the convention calls for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. The Platform also supports the right of the federal government and each state to deny legal recognition to gay marriages.

“Republicans must continue to stand for our principles and at the same time be sensitive to those who do not share in our philosophy on the marriage issue. There are many other issues that conservatives, including conservative gays, can agree upon that includes a strong national defense, sound economic policies that generates jobs, an education system that is second to none and safety in our schools and neighborhoods. That is the vision of America that we need to be talking about and simply agree to disagree with the proponents of gay marriage.

“The Alabama Republican Party strongly stands on the side of traditional marriage as defined in the Bible as a covenant in the eyes of God between one man and one woman. I have been in daily contact with many members of the Republican National Committee, on which I serve, and we stand behind the Platform that we adopted last August. Marriage is still between one man and one woman. The RNC will be meeting in a couple of weeks and I am confident that we will reinforce our position on this issue.”



Alabama Republican Party