Hillary Clinton Is out of Touch in Alabama

by Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan


Hillary Clinton’s inaccurate and divisive language this past Saturday in Birmingham once again illustrates how out of touch she is with Alabama. To say that Alabama’s voting laws are a “blast from the Jim Crow past” is insulting to all of our citizens. In fact, Alabama’s required voter photo ID protects our citizens and honors them by making sure their vote is secure and their voice is heard.

There is not one of our citizens that is denied access to their vote or a photo ID, which is now required for all voters. In fact, Hillary should be particularly pleased to know that Alabama provides free photo IDs in every county, to any citizen who needs one. A driver’s license requires a fee – a photo ID from any of Alabama’s 67 counties does not.

Hillary is simply distracting everyone because her record is a failure and her leader, Barack Obama, is presiding over years of economic decline. Our economy and job growth is stagnant, yet she clings to insulting us by saying things about Alabama that are simply not true. This is just another example of why she cannot be trusted. She does not know how to tell the truth.

Name one place on earth where our foreign policy or influence is better today because of the Obama-Clinton team. We can name a long list of national security problems and concerns around the world, but cannot name a single success accomplished during her term as Secretary of State. These are not topics she addressed during her visit to Birmingham. She didn’t bring up her record of successes because it doesn’t exist.

We ask her to set the record straight about Alabama’s easy way of getting a free photo ID for citizens and to finally step up and discuss her failed record. We also look forward to her testimony this week on the tragic events in Benghazi. Hillary’s campaign is overshadowed by her unanswered questions regarding her secret email server. With the false information she has repeatedly given America on her reckless and possibly illegal emails, it’s no wonder she tries to divert our attention with non-issues in our state.

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