Capitol Club

With your monthly contribution of $15, you can help make sure that Alabama does not miss the opportunities we have to build a foundation for our future in which the Alabama Republican Party is the majority party for generations to come.

By joining the Capitol Club, you will partner with hundreds of conservative, grassroots activists around the state in building this foundation.

Membership in the Capitol Club will entitle you to:

  • Discounted tickets to the annual Summer and Winter Dinners, as well as special events
  • Invitations to meet with national VIP Republicans when they come to Alabama
  • Current members will not receive direct marketing solicitations from the Alabama Republican Party
  • Alabama Republican lapel pin and window decal


Please call ALGOP Headquarters at 205-212-5900 for information on how to join. You can also join by filling out the form below. You can choose between paying $15 a month, $45 a quarter, $90 semiannually or $180 a year. Please choose the “Recurring Payment” option and pick monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly. To pay by check, download and print out the brochure, and send the filled out form and your check to ALGOP Headquarters, 3505 Lorna Road, Birmingham, AL, 35216.

Please choose membership option:

  1. Monthly – $15
  2. Quarterly – $45
  3. Semi-Annual – $90
  4. Annual – $180
  5. Other