Counting of Provisional Ballots Confirms Dr. Larry Stutts Defeated Sen. Bedford

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said today that following the counting of the provisional ballots in the race for Alabama Senate District 6, it is clear the winner of the close contest is Colbert County physician Dr. Larry Stutts.
“With 100% of the precincts reporting on November 4, Dr. Larry Stutts led Senator Roger Bedford by 60 votes in the contest for State Senate District 6. The provisional ballots were counted today, and they confirm that Dr. Stutts has indeed defeated Sen. Bedford.
“Provisional ballots are ballots that could not be counted on Election Day because there was a question concerning their validity. State law required that provisional ballots be counted today, and that took place within each of the five counties in Senate District 6. With the provisional votes counted, Dr. Stutts increased his lead. This confirms he has won the election,” Armistead said.

“Although the closeness of the election will trigger an automatic recount, barring some unforeseen event, Dr. Stutts will immediately assume his new responsibilities as state senator for Senate District 6. The district includes western Lauderdale, Colbert and Franklin Counties, and parts of Lawrence and Marion Counties,” Armistead noted.

State law requires an election decided by a margin of half a percent or less be counted again. The margin in the Bedford-Stutts race is roughly 175 votes, which is less than a half percent of the total number of votes.

“Although state law mandates a recount because of the closeness of the race, I firmly believe the recount will have the same result as the November 4 count and the November 12 provisional ballot count. Dr. Larry Stutts won this election fair-and-square and is the new state senator for District 6,” Armistead said.

“I trust that Senator Bedford will now concede this election to Senator Stutts, so that he might officially begin representing the people of northwest Alabama. They both fought a hard, tough fight, but clearly Dr. Stutts is the winner of this contest and I congratulate him for his come-from-behind campaign.
“I served in the State Senate with Sen. Bedford for eight years, and I know he will do what is in the best interest of the people of Senate District 6 by working with Sen. Stutts to make for a smooth transition,” Armistead concluded.
Dr. Stutts made the following comment following the counting of the provisional ballots: 
“Today, the counting of the provisional ballots actually increased the lead confirming my election as state senator for District 6. I am very thankful for the continued support and look forward to serving all the people of northwest Alabama.”

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