ALGOP Statement on 2019 National School Choice Week

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement regarding the 2019 National School Choice Week:

“The Alabama Republican Party fully supports school choice. We believe that parents, not the government, know their children’s needs best and should have the opportunity to choose a quality education for their sons and daughters. Zip codes should not be part of an educational formula that defines where a student must attend school – unless the parent agrees.”

“Our children are tomorrow’s leaders. School choice empowers parents to make those decisions resulting in a stronger and more confident America. From charter schools, public, magnet, private or parochial schools to homeschooling- a parent should be first and foremost in the decision-making process of what is best for their child/children.”

“While we celebrate National School Choice Week, we also honor our teachers and the incredible influence they have on our students and their futures. As a former public school teacher, the joy of watching a young person grow and learn is unforgettable.”

“As taxpayers, it is imperative that parents make the most important educational decisions for their precious ones- their children.”


Alabama Republican Party