ALGOP State Executive Committee Passes Resolutions at 2017 Winter Meeting

On Saturday, February 25th, the Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee voted to pass the following resolutions:

Resolution No. 2017-01

Resolution of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee Supporting an Elected Alabama State Board of Education

 This resolution supports the State Board of Education in remaining an elected body, as it is currently.

Resolution No. 2017-02

Call for Strong Pro-Life Legislation in the 2017 Legislative Session

This resolution calls for strong pro-life legislation to be enacted and implemented in the 2017 session of the Alabama State Legislature.

Resolution No. 2017-03

Resolution Commending Erasmus Roy Childers

This resolution commends Roy Childers for his over 50 years of service on the Alabama Republican Party State Executive Committee, his dedicated public service and a well-lived life.

Resolution No. 2017-04

Call for Assessment of Nursing Home Needs for Elderly Combat Veterans

This resolution calls for the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct a public review and assessment of nursing home care for elderly combat veterans.

Full resolutions may be viewed online at:


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