ALGOP Stands with State Rep. Shane Stringer

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl issued the following statement regarding the dismissal of State Rep. Shane Stringer from his position with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office: 

“To have a State Representative willing to stand up for people’s constitutional rights and lose his job over it is incredibly brave and honorable. Rep. Shane Stringer is someone we should all rally around. He gave up his job in defense of the people of Alabama and the Alabama Republican Party is 100% behind him. 

“The party must remain true to our party platform – which supports the Second Amendment – and stand up to the cancel culture that is disrupting our society. Washington, D.C. is out of control, and we need leadership on the state level that will defend our rights. One of those fundamental rights is the ability to keep and bear arms. 

“The erosion of our constitutional rights is dangerous to our country and our freedoms. We need more leaders like Rep. Stringer who are willing to make incredible sacrifices on behalf of those they serve.” 


Alabama Republican Party