ALGOP Responds to President Trump’s State of the Union Address

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement:

“President Trump showed true leadership through his incredible State of the Union Address. In calling for a renewal of bipartisanship and cooperation, our president was the picture of strength and resolve.”

“President Trump is right. America is and will continue to be great, but we are stronger if we decide to come together and work to find solutions that better our nation. To echo President Trump’s words, we must choose greatness. In putting aside our differences, we can make the seemingly impossible, possible.”

“We deeply appreciate President Trump’s strong determination to end
late-term abortions. All children are worthy of life. It is up to us to protect their innocence.”

“We were also reminded of President Trump’s accomplishments during the last two years. From historically low unemployment and tax rates to nearly eradicating ISIS, to rolling back burdensome federal regulations, one thing is crystal clear – our president is getting things done and improving life for Americans.”

“Alabama is proud to be a consistent and strong supporter of President Trump and his policies. His efforts to keep our nation safe, both internationally and at our borders are what America needs to remain secure. It is imperative that we build a wall to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and stop the flow of drugs, human traffickers and dangerous criminals from harming our citizens. It is American to embrace legal immigrants and the value they bring to America while simultaneously recognizing that our broken immigration system must be fixed.”

“While we witnessed the Democrats choosing to sit and not acknowledge the huge success of our American economy and the morality of stopping criminals crossing our borders who are harming our citizens, President Trump’s determination to protect all Americans is resolute for our nation’s safety”

“The Alabama Republican Party will continue to support and partner with President Trump throughout his presidency. Now is the time to end divisiveness and act to ensure the future of our country remains on the right path.”


Alabama Republican Party