ALGOP Praises State Rep. Kenneth Paschal for Work on Parental Rights Legislation

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl praised State Rep. Kenneth Paschal for his work on pro-family legislation aimed at protecting and preserving parental rights in the State of Alabama.

“Parental rights is an important issue for members of the Alabama Republican Party. Our membership overwhelmingly passeda resolution at our 2022 Summer Meeting calling on State Officials to secure that right. Rep. Paschal has been a champion on these issues, and we want to thank him for his work.” said Chairman Wahl.

Rep. Paschal pre-filed legislation for the 2023 Legislative Session addressing this need. House Bill 6 establishes that parents rights are a “fundamental right” not an “ordinary right,” and therefore cannot be stripped away without “compelling reason.”

“Both the U.S. Supreme Court and the Alabama Supreme Court have recognized that parental rights are a fundamental right, and it’s time state law reflected that. Parents know their children and their needs better than the government. Codifying this in state law will prevent the government from overreaching and overriding parental decisions,” said Chairman Wahl.

If passed, Alabama would join 15 other state that have ensured parental rights are a “fundamental right.” Shaun Alexander – former University of Alabama running back, 2005 NFL MVP, and National Vice President of the Parental Rights Foundation ( – has endorsed the measure.


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