ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Statement on the State of the Union Address

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan released the following statement following tonight’s State of the Union address by President Donald Trump:

“On the day he entered the 2016 race, President Trump laid out a vision to make America great again. Tonight, three years into his presidency, the President presented to the American people the accomplishments of his administration which far exceeded the promises he made.

“With seven million jobs since he took office – five million more than the experts projected – the lowest unemployment rate in over half a century, the lowest unemployment rates in history for all minority groups, and women filling 72% of all new jobs added, the state of our Union is stronger than ever before. Wages continue to rise and the media household income is at its highest level in history. Once again, America is respected on the world stage because of a president who does not blink and puts America first.

“However, this address was more than just facts and figures. It was a showcase of America’s finest people and stories. From Brigadier General Charles McGee – the last surviving member of the Tuskegee Airmen – and his great-grandson Iain Lanphier, who hopes to join the Space Force, to Montgomery’s own Paul Morrow, who was among the President’s guests, tonight’s address was about celebrating American exceptionalism.

“Along with our country’s great successes we witnessed a stunning and clear contrast as the Democrats sat in silence not supporting these incredible Americans, their stories and the land that stands above all. We cannot look away from that contrast. We must fight for our nation’s future to keep America great.”


Alabama Republican Party