ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Statement on Super Tuesday Primary in Alabama

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement on tomorrow’s Super Tuesday Primary:

“We are super excited to welcome Super Tuesday, March 3 – the day we are proud to showcase our amazing Alabama conservative candidates. While the Alabama Republican Party takes a neutral position in our primaries and runoffs, we will come together for our end goal – re-elect Donald Trump and end the tenure of Doug Jones. Participating in the Founding Fathers’ timeless vision of allowing the people to vote and choose their own leaders will be on full display on Tuesday in our great state.

“We are grateful for our candidates who have stepped into the arena of public service offering up their services to run for office. It is not an easy task. They spend countless hours campaigning while missing time with their families, businesses and putting their lives on hold.

“When the voters make the final decisions, we need to come together for the larger picture of November 3. I am confident we will rise to this goal. The 2016 election of Donald Trump is a true example of how uniting together can literally change a nation and state.

“Join us on Tuesday, March 3 to begin our 2020 journey together so we can Keep America and Alabama great.

“All election information (sample ballots, polling places, etc.) can be found at www.  and our candidate information is at

“Live elections results after 7:00 pm will be found at”


Alabama Republican Party